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HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center | 효정카페 - 층별안내

HyoJeong Café

Hyojeong Café

The Hyojeong Café features two cranes sitting gently next to each other on the Cheonshim Lake. It is a beautiful building that represents the progressive spirit of the Cheon Il Guk providence, which represents a large ship heading toward the ocean.

The Holy Ground of All Humankind, HyoJeong Café

“It will be a Holy Ground for the world. People from all over the world must come.”

(True Parents’ address at the Dedication Ceremony of HyoJeong Café, September 9, 2017)

HyoJeong Café is a Holy Ground that allows visitors to become ‘global citizens’ by experiencing Korean, Japanese and European culture and then coming up to the observatory to learn True Parents’ heart of love towards the world.


Hyojeong Yeon

Featured Menu Item: Traditional Korean Set Menu
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 11:00–14:30, 15:30–19:00
(Closed Mondays, New Year’s Day and Chuseok Day [Harvest Moon Holiday])
Last Order: 18:15
Tel. +82-31-589-7517
Homepage: https://hjcruise.com/unit_hyojungyeon


Preparations underway


JAEMI in Shop


Hyojeong Cafe

Featured menu items: Coffee, hot and cold beverages
Special feature: Outdoor patio seating
Opening Hours: 09:00~19:00 / Open throughout the year
Last Order: 18:30
Tel. +82-31-589-7505
Homepage: https://hjcruise.com/unit_hyojung-cafe