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HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center | 효정카페 - 효정카페 봉헌식과 오픈기념 시식회

HyoJeong Café

On Sept. 9, 2017, the HyoJeong Café dedication ceremony was held with 300 members with True Parents. At 10:25 am, True Parents arrived in front of the bridge connecting the HyoJeong Cafe and the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace to officiate the first part of the ceremony. The Dedication Ceremony was carried out by Vice President Myong-kwan Lee (Master of Ceremony) and The event then proceeded as follows: Opening Remarks, Bow of Greeting, Floral Tribute, and Unveiling Ceremony of True Parents’ Cornerstone. They walked over the bridge and entered the 3rd floor of HyoJeong Café where they gave the sanctification. After this, they visited the HyoJeong Food Court on the 2nd floor, Jaemiin shop on the 1st floor and the Marina. They also sanctified the Marina, blessing the newly bought boat ‘HyoJeong No.1’.
True Parents moved to the observation deck on the 4th floor to officiate the luncheon. This was carried out by the Master of Ceremony offering the following invocation: “I believe that this Café will become increasingly meaningful. As it was built around the Original Sanctuary where, in the beginning, True Parents shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears. This wonderful building will remain in history forever, and I believe that it will become a place of pilgrimage for all peoples of the world to commemorate. I prayed in the name of Myong-kwan Lee, blessed central family. Aju.”
Then True Parents blessed HyoJeong Café with precious words as follows:
“You did a great job today.
It will be a Holy Ground of the world. People from all over the world must come. Yesterday the HyoJeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony was held. I created this environment where if you take a responsibility then you can be a historical person. You must fulfill your responsibility. I wish you all the best to be eligible to enter into the CheonBo Won.” Pres. Gi-seong Lee made a victory toast as follows: “Let’s depart in the hope of Cheon Il Guk from today when we dedicate HyoJeong Café to Heaven. This place will become a nest for a couple of cranes to rest. HyoJeong Café will become a symbolic building to open the era of Pacific Civilization across the ocean.”

In the same year, on 9.16 by the heavenly calendar (November 4) at 5:09pm, the Tasting Event to celebrate the opening of the HyoJeong Café was held with True Parents. True Parents first tasted tonkatsu, tonkotsu ramen and then fish cake udon.

Then, at 5:50pm, True Parents moved to the Café Kona Queens on the 3rd floor where They drank a cup of tea and ate Las Vegas cheesecake. True Parents asked the leaders who attended to sing songs; it was a joyful moment for all attendees to join together as being in Heaven on Earth.