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Buheung Department Store

Jaemi In Shop
Location: B1 level of the CheonBo Won
Special feature: Products related to practices of faith and Hyojeong products
Normal Opening Hours: 08:30~19:00
1st day of the 2-day Workshop: 08:30~22:00
2nd day of the 2-day Workshop: 06:30~19:00
Tel. +82-31-589-7401
The store is located on the B1 level of the CheonBo Won. Below are some of the items you can purchase. Please know the prices and items in the store can change any time. The store accepts cash (Korean Won, USD, Japanese Yen, Euro, Pounds) and major credit cards.

  • Foods
    teas, coffee
    ice cream
    instant noodles (ramen)
  • To wear
    white t-shirts 10,000won~
    zip up hoodies 23,000won
    pants 25,000won
    socks 1,500won~
    underwear men 5,000won~ / women 3,000won~
    sandals 4,500won
  • Daily necessities
    shampoo, rinse, body wash 3,200won~ each
    soap 2,300won~
    toothpaste 2,500won~
    toothbrush 1,000won~
    towels 4,000won~
  • Books

    Three-color Exposition of Divine Principle 30,000won
    CheonSeongGyeong, ChamBumoGyeong, PyeongHwaGyeong original 80,000won each / small version 36,000won each
  • Holy Items
    holy robe (full set including a paid or white socks and gloves) 220,000won
    blessing ring gold 264,000won / silver 60,000won
  • Others
    FM radio 10,000won
    earplugs 6,000won
    umbrella 3,000won~
    eco-friendly laundry detergent 1,500won
    notebook 1,000won~
    pen 1,000won~
    small bag 15,000won~
    water bottle 15,000won
    True Parents’ pictures