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Register for True God's Day

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작성일2002-12-28 Hit10,328


Registration for True God’s Day



Registration for True Gods Day



All members, who are in middle school and above, that plan to come to Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center for True Gods Day need to register at the registration booth, which is located at the lower level 2 of the Heavenly Palace, or at the Korean/International Office.


1.       Who:           All members in middle school and above

2.       Registration Fee for Those coming on December 31st:         10,000 won

3.        Registration Fee for Those coming on January 1st:         5,000 won



Please Use Mass Transportation or Come on Charter Buses.


1.        The parking space at Cheongpyeong is very limited because of the 50 Day Leaders Workshop.  Due to the lack of parking space, members as much as possible should come using mass transportation, charter buses or vans. 




Bringing Sleeping Bags


2.        Because many brothers and sisters will be coming for True Gods Day, if members have their own sleeping bag, they are encouraged to bring their own.



Please Bring a Shoe Bag

3.       Because over 7,000 members are expected to come for the celebrations, members shoes can get easily lost.  Also to keep things in order, please bring a shoe bag so that when you enter in the Main Hall, you can bring your shoes with you inside.  If members dont have a shoe bag, they can purchase one at the Cheongpyeong Store.