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Special Works Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Cheongpyeong Providence

Updated 1/6/2005 (Sections 1 and 7)

Special Works Commemorating the

10th Anniversary of

the Cheongpyeong Providence

- A Second Leap Towards Building the Kingdom of God on Earth -


Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim’s Cheongpyeong mission, which began on January 19, 1995, will have its 10th anniversary on January 19, 2005.

The 700th workshop will be taking place during the celebration of the 10th anniversary and a special event will be held in commemoration. Please spread the word so that many people can come together and attend.


1) Time Period:

         January 15 (Sat) 7 p.m. ~ January 19 (Wed) 10 p.m., 2005

As a general rule, participation extends through the entire 5-day, 4-night period. However, people with personal situations can come to participate in the middle. (However, if it is possible to attend workshop from the 14th or before, please consider doing so since the grace that can be received increases the earlier you attend workshop.)

2) Participants:Members from around the world

3) Grace:

a.       The True Children in the Spirit World and the Five Great Saints will work directly with us. (January 15~19)

b.      Angels and over 200 billion absolute good spirits will be mobilized and will work during this event. (January 15~19)

c.       Grace of erasing the records of our blessed ancestors’ pasts (up to generation 91 of blessed ancestors).

d.      Additional ancestor liberation ceremony for generations 1~98 (699th 2-day workshop, January 15)

e.       Ancestor blessing ceremony for generations 1~91 (699th 2-day workshop, January 16)

f.        Commemorative service and entertainment with True Parents (700th 2-day workshop January 19)

g.       Grace of special separation of spirits (Only for workshop participants)

h.       Special works with “The Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers” (January 15~19)

i.         Special Purification Offering ceremony. (700th 2-day workshop January 19)

j.        10th anniversary commemorative events, video presentation, commemorative books come out

4) Schedule:

- January 15 (Sat) 699th 2-day workshop, additional ancestor liberation ceremony (generations 1~98)

- January 16 (Sun) Ancestor blessing ceremony, various events

- January 17 (Mon) Special lectures, family programs

- January 18 (Tues) 700th Special Workshop commemoration, 10th anniversary video presentation ancestor liberation ceremony

- January 19 (Wed) 10th anniversary commemorative service, entertainment, Special Purification Offering

* Note that the schedule is subject to change.

5) Time Period to Register for The Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers:

December 4 (Sat), 2004 to January 19 (Wed), 2005

6) Special Purification Offering for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes: January 19 (Wed), 2005 at 7 p.m.

7) Points to Consider

a. Members wishing to attend should make a reservation through their local church. (Church leaders, please refer to the attached form and send it to Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center via fax or e-mail by January 8 (Sat), 2005 in Korean time.)

Download Reservation Form (right click, select "Save under a different name")

b. Those who have received a Cheongshim card must be sure to bring their card with them.

c. As many people will be participating, please keep the amount of luggage you bring to a minimum. (However, members living in Japan must be sure to bring a sleeping bag.)

*Those who are physically unwell can be admitted into Cheongshim Hospital to receive treatment and can participate in the holy song sessions. (For further inquiries, please contact Yukari, Tel: 82-31-589-4655, Fax: 82-31-589-4458, Email: sbchoi65@cheongshim.com)


8) Participation fee: Varies with date of registration


Register on 15th (Sat)

Register on 16th (Sun)

Register on 17th (Mon)

Register on 18th (Tues)

13 and above

80,000 won

55,000 won

40,000 won

25,000 won

7 ~ 12

50,000 won

35,000 won

25,000 won

15,000 won

3 ~ 6

17,000 won

15,000 won

9,000 won

2,000 won

0 ~ 2

12,000 won

10,000 won

6,000 won

2,000 won










 9. Dedication of the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers → MORE

*For Further Inquiries:

Tel: 82-31-589-7188, 7134 (English), 589-7130 (Korean) 589-7140 (Japanese), 589-7131 (Chinese)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336 Email: cpwe_office@cheongshim.com (International)