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 (Correction Made:Red Words, April 23, 2006)


Purification Azalea Festival

for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune



The Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune begins from the year 2006 for the first time. It is a special grace that will include the Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration. There will also be a special separation of spirits, and an Azalea Festival.

The Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune, held to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the Cheongpyeong Providence, is scheduled for May 3 (Wed) to 7 (Sun), 2006 at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.  We would like to inform you of the following information and hope that many members can participate and receive great grace.

Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.



1. Time Period: May 3 (Wed) 6 p.m. - 7 (Sun) 5:30 p.m., 2006

 1) The 4-day, 5-night period is a period of great grace, and of great works. The general rule is to participate for the entire time period. However, those with personal situations can begin attendance after the starting date.

 2) It will be possible to start attending workshop before May 3rd, and the earlier you begin participation, the greater the grace you can receive.


2. Place: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center and other facilities.


3. Participants: Members from around the world, and guests.


4. Special Grace:

 1) Angels and over 280 billion Absolute Good Spirits will be mobilized and will work during this event. (May 3-7)

 2) Grace of special separation of spirits (Only possible if attending for at least 2 days)

 3) Grace of ″The Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper℃

 4) Grace of expunging the records of our blessed ancestors′ past sins (up to generation 119 of blessed ancestors).

 5) Azalea Festival

 6) Special Children's Day Event (May 5)

 7) Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for generations 1-126 (2-day workshop, May 3-4 and 6-7)

 8) Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for generations 1-119 (2-day workshop, May 6 - 7)

 9) Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony (May 5-7)

 10) Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration, for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune. (May 7)


5. Schedule (Tentative):

- May 3 (Wed) 2-day workshop

- May 4 (Thurs) Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (generations 1-126)

- May 5 (Fri) Azalea Festival, Children's Day special event (Korean event), Registration Blessing Ceremony (May 5 - 7)

- May 6 (Sat) Visiting each Cheongshim organizations, 2-day workshop, Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (generations 1-126)

- May 7 (Sun) Ancestor Blessing Ceremony (generations 1-119), entertainment, Restoration Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony

* Note that the schedule is subject to change, if there should be any more information updates, it will be noticed on our websites.


6. Prayer-Wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration, for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune: May 7 (Sun), at 4:00 - 05:30p.m.


7. The Fulfillment of Wishes Paper

 1) Grace of "The Fulfillment of Wishes Paper"

   (1) The records of the Absolute Good Spirits′ unprincipled lives on earth will be completely expunged through the grace.

-         This grace is limited to members who offer a Fulfillment of Wishes Paper at Jeongshim Won (prayer hall) by 2 p.m. on May 7, 2006 and attend at least one 2-day workshop during this special works time period (May 3-7, 2006). As a general rule, participation extends through the entire 5-day, 4-night period and the grace that can be received increases with the number of days you attend workshop.

-          To receive grace of clearing your ancestor's records you do not have to write the following on your wish papers, 'Please clear the records of the sinful lives that our ancestors lived through'. On the condition in writing your wish concerning general content, the records of the Absolute Good Spirits will be cleared.

-          Eligibility: First, generations 1-119 of the participant′s blessed ancestors. Second, spirits separated through the holy song sessions, and those liberated as collateral relatives, who were blessed to become absolute good spirits by May 7, 2006. (*This includes spirits blessed on May 7, 2006) 

   (2) Grace of being able to write your wishes concerning general content (health, family problems, etc.)

-         If you write the contents of your wish, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim will pray and offer devotion to fulfill them.

   (3) Grace that makes it easy to remove the sins and fallen natures handed down to us by our ancestors.

-         The Fulfillment of Wishes Paper works like a detergent that washes the filth from dirtied clothes.

   (4) Grace that helps to make separating the resentful spirits from our bodies easier.

-         It consoles the spirits doing evil acts within our bodies and also causes them to halt those activities.

 2) You can fill out as many Fulfillment of Wishes Paper as you want and the conditions of devotion will increase according to the amount written.

 3) Fulfillment of Wishes Paper can be offered with the donation of gratitude at Jeongshim Won.

The donations of gratitude for the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper are set according to Nation Groups (per paper):



Silver Color

Gold Color

Group 1

50 USD

100 USD

Group 2

40 USD

80 USD

Group 3

30 USD

60 USD

Group 4

20 USD

40 USD

Group 5

10 USD

20 USD

*The wish papers also have two different colors, silver and gold.

*Please note that personal checks are accepted but require an additional 8 USD bank-processing fee (per check). Checks more than $1000 US requires $10 US bank-processing fee.


4) Purpose behind the donation of gratitude for the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper

-         It sets a condition to inherit heavenly fortune.

-         It adds to and completes the insufficient amount of devotion we have offered.

-         It sets a condition to resolve family difficulties and problems due to illnesses etc.


8. Participation fee: Varies with date of registration (Below is calculated for the amount if stayed until the 7th.)



Register on

3rd (Wed)

Register on

4th (Thurs)

Register on

5th (Fri)

Register on

6th (Sat)

13 and above

80,000 won

55,000 won

40,000 won

25,000 won

7 – 12

50,000 won

35,000 won

25,000 won

15,000 won

3 – 6

17,000 won

15,000 won

9,000 won

2,000 won

0 – 2

12,000 won

10,000 won

6,000 won

2,000 won


*Note: However, if you are only going to stay for only the 2-day workshop from May 3rd to 4th, the workshop fee will be as normal. (Age 13 and above: 25,000 won, 7-12: 15,000 won, and 0-6: 2,000 won)


9. Points to Consider

 1) Members wishing to attend should make a reservation individually or through their local church. (Please refer to the attachment and send it to Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center via fax or e-mail by April 26 (Wed), 2006 in Korean time.)


*NOTE* On the day of registration, most likely you will be waiting in long tiring lines for registration. Therefore, we strongly advise you to Download and send in the reservation form to Cheongpyeong Training Center, for smooth and faster registration. For further inquiries please refer to contact numbers below.


 2) Those who have received a Cheongshim card, should bring it since it will be useful to confirm your liberation history.

 3) As many people will be participating, please keep the amount of luggage you bring to a minimum.

4) Those who are physically unwell can be admitted into Cheongshim Hospital to receive treatment and can participate in the holy song sessions. (For further inquiries, please contact Yukari Takashima, Tel: +82-31-589-4655, Fax: +82-31-589-4458, Email: (sbchoi65@cheongshim.com)

5) Those with physical problems should first contact the International Office (+82-31-589-7188)


10. Further Inquiries

Telephone: +82-31-589-7179, 7134, 7187, 7188 (English, Korean), 589-7131 (Chinese)

Fax: +82-31-584-4336

Email: cpintl_office@yahoo.com