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Due to the sincere requests of the members around the world, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have extended the deadline for offeri

Due to the sincere requests of the members around the world, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have extended the deadline for offering the Original Palace Donation. This was originally set for May 31, 2006 but is now September 30, 2006.

For those members who completed the Original Palace Donation, the deadline for taking the photo with Dae Mo Nim is September 30.

 1. Donation Standard

*The Original Palace Donation is $1,200.US per couple for everyone living outside of Korea and Japan. (For children and those unmarried, donation will be $1,200.US per person.)

**Your name will be engraved at the Original Palace if you offer the full Original Palace Donation. If the donation is made by a couple, then the names will be engraved together. If you would like your child’s name to be engraved, then you have to make a separate donation of $1,200.US per child. Please remember that Korean member’s donation standard is 1.6 million Won and Japanese member’s donation standard is 400,000 Yen. If your parents live in Japan or Korea, you (child) must pay that standard.

2. Confirmation of names for completing the Original Palace Donation

The names of those who have offered the full donation are currently posted at the Training Center. Please confirm that your name and Blessing group is posted correctly. If there are any mistakes, please contact the International Office.

3. Sending Donations

You can send the donation via bank wire or by check (HSA-UWC-CSC). It is also possible to offer the donation in installments.

(Foreign Exchange Bank, Naeja-dong Branch in Seoul, Swift Code: KOEXKRSE Account No.: 096-JSD-100309-1, Account Holder: Cheongshim Church)

*Please add $25.US for the bank wire processing fee, and $10.US for checks above $1,000.US, or $8.US for checks under $1,000.US.

**Please note that the bank wire processing fee varies by nation and that $25.US may be insufficient. Please ask your bank representative for more details.

***After sending the donation, be sure to send the Original Palace form or the following information by fax or email: date sent, country, blessing group, name and date of birth of spouse, telephone number, address, email address, amount and purpose of donation, name of sender.

4. Commemorative photograph taken with Dae Mo Nim for completing the Original Palace Donation

Deadline: September 30, 2006.

How to Apply: Commemorative photo plates are being made for those who have made the full donation and have taken the commemorative photograph. An additional commemorative plate will be made per child for whom the donation was offered. Please apply to take the photograph by filling out the application form while attending a 2-day workshop (Please prepare a suit or dress clothes).

5.  Notice for receiving of Commemorative Plates

Commemorative plates of those members who took photograph with Dae Mo Nim, upon their full donation, from January to September 25th 2005 (737th special workshop) are ready to be collected. Please bring your receipts when collecting the plates. Those members who took a photograph during Dae Mo Nim’s World Tour from January to September 25th 2005 can also collect your plates.  

* ‘Commemorative Plates receiver List’ →List

6. The Donation of the Original Palace by companies and organizations

It is also possible for companies and organizations to offer the Original Palace Dontaion. The donation standard varies, so please contact either the International Office or Japanese Office according to your church.

7. Further Inquiries:

International Office

Telephone: +82-31-589-7179

Fax: +82-31-585-0886

E-mail: cpintl_office@yahoo.com

Reference: Words regarding the Original Palace Donation