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40 days for pregnant women

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작성일2002-07-13 Hit9,855


Dae Mo Nim mentioned the importance of pregnant mothers to attend the 40-day workshop

The Importance of pregnant women attending the 40-day workshop


True Parents said, “All blessed couples should attend the 40-day workshop at least three times, at least 120 days.” True Parents also said, “2nd generation should attend the 40-day workshop at least three times and then receive the Blessing.


Dae Mo Nim mentioned the importance of pregnant women to attend the 40-day workshop. She said, “Whether I look at the babies in the womb of the pregnant women or the health of the members, there is not one person who is ready to graduate(the workshop).”


“When I look at people who do not give an easy delivery (of their baby), it is because there are a lot of spirits in their lower stomach area. Because of the Fall, in order to give trouble when giving birth, the place where there is the most number of spirits is in the women’s lower stomach area.” She continued with saying that therefore, if people separate the spirits from that area, then they will be able to give birth easily.


Dae Mo Nim also stressed that pregnant Japanese women must come for the 40-day workshop because there are many spirits in the womb that are trying to create a deformed baby. However, all pregnant women should seriously think about participating in the 40-day workshop because there is always a chance that the baby can be born with problems.  It is best to have the baby examined by Dae Mo Nim rather than being sorry after the baby is born with problems  (Read the testimony titled, “ I safely gave birth to my baby” by Hiroko Kito in the Spiritual World section.)

During the 40-day workshop, Dae Mo Nim personally takes out evil spirits from pregnant women, people with fertility problems, 2nd generation and people with spiritual and health problems.  Dae Mo Nim also meets with people with difficult personal problems.  Because of all this grace, many members up to now have attended the 40-day workshop.


We hope that you all can attend the 40-day workshop and with the heated atmosphere from the Divine Principle reading and hoondokhae, with the strong holy song singing and clapping and with the tearful prayers of repentance, we hope you can breakdown your fallen nature and be reborn as true sons and daughters of God.