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<b>Special 12 Day Separation of Spirits</b>

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작성일2002-09-10 Hit9,063


Announcement for the Special 12-Day Period of Separating Spirits


Announcement for the Special 12-Day Period of Separating Spirits



1. Significance:  The restored angels and the absolute good spirits who participated in the Total Liberation Ceremony of 6,000 Years of Providential History and the Blessing will come to separate the evil spirits from our members during the 12-day period from September 12th to September 23rd at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.  Before these restored angels and absolute good spirits straighten out the world into goodness, these 12 days are a blessing bestowed upon our members.


On September 8th, Dae Mo Nim said that she wants people from all over the world to come and fill up all Main Hall and all the lecture halls in Cheongpyeong so that members separate evil spirits even outside the Tree of Love Square.  Such a grace like this may not happen again, so members, as many as possible, are encouraged to attend.


2. Date:  September 12(Thursday) to September 23(Monday)


3. Place:  Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


4. Way of Registration: In principle, members are supposed to stay from the 12th to the 23rd of September.  If members have a special situation that prevents them from staying for the whole period, they must pay for the 12-day period and stay at least for two days(six holy song sessions).


5. Method of Participation:  Members without children will join the on going 40 day workshop, and members with children will do hoondokhae separately in the No. 8 hall.


Note:  This 12 day period will start on 8:30 am, September 12th.


6. What to Bring: White T-shirts, long sleeve shirt, outdoor jacket, toiletry, umbrella, etc...


7. Hoondok Material: Three-colored Divine Principle


8. Registration Fee:  Age 13 and above: 168,000 won, Age 7 to 12: 114,000 won, Age 3 to 6: 71,500 won, Age 0 to 2: 44,000 won.


Note 1: The above is the registration fee for food and lodging.  An offering of gratitude for the holy song sessions should be made separately at the Jeong Shim Won Prayer Hall. 


Note 2: The registration fee includes the workshop fee for the 2 day workshop on the 14th and 15th of September.  If you are going to do the ancestor liberation ceremony, then you will need to make a separate donation for that.