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작성일2003-12-24 Hit10,146



Christmas Separation of Spirits

Jesus has given the direction to hold special separation of spirits on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The angels under Jesus during the Old and New Testament Ages and the medical angels and absolute good spirits of the Completed Testament Age have been mobilized and will work together during this period for the special liberation of spirits. Dae Mo Nim said that this will therefore be a separation of spirits that will result in great medical healing.

This special separation of spirits workshop has been brought about through God’s immense love and True Parent’s victory, and through the devotion of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the spirit world. We pray that many family members will attend and receive amazing blessings and grace.

1) Dates: December 24 (Wed) ~ 25 (through the evening holy song session, Thurs), 2003

2) Place: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

3) Materials to Prepare: white t-shirt and other items necessary for workshop participation

4) Workshop Fee: (Same as that established for the 2-day workshop)

            *If only participating on the 25th: Age 13 and above - 15,000 won; 7~12 - 10,000 won; and 0~6 - 5,000 won*

5) Participation: After the 2-day workshop has ended, those who would like to join the afternoon and evening holy song sessions during this period of grace must pay an additional registration fee. Although it is possible to attend only one session, it is best to participate from the beginning of the 2-day workshop to the evening session on Thursday in order to receive the greatest amount grace. Please make every effort to participate in during this time and receive this precious grace.


Please call for further inquiries:  031-589-7191, 7192 (English), 7164 (Chinese)