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<b>Additional 2-day Workshop</b>

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작성일2006-05-25 Hit13,580


Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop ?[Additional Date]-

Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshop -[Additional Date]-

  • A 2-day Workshop will be held on May 27 (Sat). This is a grace given by Dae Mo Nim for those members attending the 'Day of All Things' can also liberate their ancestors.
  • Those Ancestors liberated and donation completed by May 27 will have the qualification to participate in the Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony scheduled to be held on June 11. For more information regarding the Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, please follow the link.


     1.   Date: May 27 (Sat) - May 28 (Sun)

          *The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony will be held in the evening of May 27 (Sat), therefore, please finish Registration by 6 p.m. on that day

      2.  Content: Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (Generations 120-126)

      • Members living in Korea or Japan can liberate generations 120-126 during any of the liberation ceremonies held during this time period, from May 2006 to September 2006.
      • Members living in all other countries can liberate all possible sets of ancestors at any of the 2-day workshops held throughout the year.

      3. Program

      • Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (May 27 (Sat))
      • Separation of Evil Spirits
      • Lecture
      • Hoondokhae
      • Photograph taken with Dae Mo Nim for members who have made the full donation for the construction of the Original Palace.

      4.  2 Day Workshop Fee



        Ages 13 and up

          25,000 Won

        Ages 7 to 12  

          15,000 Won

        Ages 0 to 6 

            2,000 Won

      5.  Things to Prepare:

      • White T-shirts, thin pants for the Holy Song Session, Shoe Bag and a FM radio.  

 Further inquiries:

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                   Japanese: +82-31-589-7179

                   Chinese: +82-31-589-7134

Fax: +82-31-584-4336 or +82-31-585-0886

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