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작성일2003-09-30 Hit9,976



Matching Workshop for Heaven and Earth Blessing of Members Who Have Received the Single Blessing (Workshop for Widowed Members From Previously Married Blessed Couples)


1st:  October 8 (Wednesday) ~ 9 (Thursday), 2003

2nd:  October 22 (Wednesday) ~ 23 (Thursday), 2003


Workshop Candidates:

1.  Heaven and Earth Blessing Matching Workshop

1) Members who have attended the Single Blessing but have not received the Heaven and Earth Blessing.

2) Members over 49 years of age, who drank the Holy Wine, and who have received approval from their local church leader. Also eligible for the workshop are those who will receive the Heaven and Earth Blessing and can participate in the 3-Day Ceremony and lead a basic life of faith (however, please ask your local church leader regarding the standards of a life of faith).

2. Workshop for Widowed Previously Married Blessed Members

Members from a previously married couple that had received the blessing whose partner had passed away before the couple could conduct the 3-Day Ceremony.

3.  Workshop Fee: 25,000 won (Representatives of candidates who cannot attend must pay an additional 25,000 won for their own participation in the workshop.)

4.  Things to Prepare: Donation of gratitude, white shirt, toiletries (If a representative attends on behalf of the workshop candidate, please prepare a picture of the candidate.)


For further details, please inquire at 82-31-589-7191/7192.