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Patient Admission Into the Cheongshim Hospital Department of Psychiatry


The Department of Psychiatry of Cheongshim Hospital considers spiritual medical treatment (the holy song sessions) to be an important part of medical care. As a general rule, patients who are members are now attending the holy song sessions. A caretaker should accompany patients that cannot attend the holy song sessions on their own and should be responsible to separate spirits from the patient.

--If the results of the medical examination show that there is no need for hospitalization and if permission is granted to attend the 40-day workshop, the patient may attend the 40-day workshop at the Cheongpyeong Training Center and receive medical treatment at the hospital once a week.

--Length of hospitalization depends on the type of treatment being received but please think of it as a minimum of about 1~2 months. The fee for inpatient hospital care is approximately 20,000~30,000 won per day if covered by health insurance. A security of 500,000 won must also be deposited when the patient is first admitted into the hospital (to be returned at the time of discharge). Credit cards are accepted.

--If the patient and the caretaker are the same gender, one person may use a side bed next to the patient free of charge. If they are of different genders, the caretaker is encouraged to use a waiting room (15,000 won per day, and 5,000 won per meal at the hospital cafeteria) or join the 40-day workshop (15,000 won per day, including meals).

--Materials: white t-shirts, comfortable shoes, toiletries, Exposition of the Divine Principle, and In Search of the True Self (available at the hospital’s convenience store).


If you have any questions, please contact the hospital as indicated below. Please be sure to call and make a reservation. If you are currently an outpatient or an inpatient at the hospital, please bring your medical reports with you. We pray for your health.


Hospital Admission  [Weekdays] 9:00-16:30 [Saturday] 9:00-11:30

Contact Point: Uchino (Telephone 82-31-589-4741)

Fax: 82-31-589-4722/4476  Email: uchion@cheongshim.com


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