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Workshop Schedule

<b>Updated:August Workshop Schedule

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Updated 2004.7.29 to reflect rescheduled ancestor blessing ceremony.

The workshop schedule for August 2004 is as shown below. Liberation of ancestors from generations 85~91 began on April 3, 2004 and blessing of generations 78~84 began on April 17, 2004.

Members living in Korea or Japan may liberate generations 84~91 during any of the liberation ceremonies held during the next five months (through August 2004). Members living in all other countries may liberate up to the current group of ancestors at any of the 2-day workshops held throughout the year. Those who have already liberated up to the 84th generation and blessed up to the 77th generation, please make effort to liberate generations 85~91 and to bless generations 78~84 as early as possible.

*August Workshop Schedule*


2004.07.17 ~ 8.25 (With 360,000 Couples wives)

2004.08.28 ~ 10.06 (With 40 Million Couples wives)


2004.07.24 ~ 08.13


2004.07.31 ~ 08.07


668th: 08.07 (Sat) ~ 08 (Sun)

669th: 08.11 (Wed) ~ 12 (Thurs) [Weekday workshop]

670th: 08.14 (Sat) ~ 15 (Sun) ["Additional" Ancestors Liberation] MORE

671st: 08.21 (Sat) ~ 22 (Sun)

672nd: 08.25 (Wed) ~ 26 (Thurs) [Weekday workshop]

673rd: 08.28 (Sat) ~ 29 (Sun) [Ancestors Blessing (1~84)] MORE


08.13 (Fri) ~ 15 (Sun) [Registration Blessing] MORE

Please send a fax or email to make a reservation if you plan to attend the 2-day workshop so that Dae Mo Nim can find your ancestors in advance. Please remember that there is also a workshop fee of 2,000 won for infants (effective as of April 2003).

*Ancestors Blessing Ceremony (Generations 1~84) Information

Ancestor blessing ceremonies for generations 1~84 have been held once a month for a 5-month period from April through August 2004. Members for whom 100 days have passed since making the complete ancestor liberation donation for each liberated group of ancestors can bless their ancestors by participate in the ancestor blessing ceremony held on the third weekend of each month.

Starting from July 2002, the ancestors who have become absolute good spirits will directly help their descendents to separate harmful spirits from their bodies during the ancestor liberation holy song session. (People who have not blessed their ancestors are aided by angels, as before.)

1. Schedule

2004.8.28 (Sat) ~ 8.29 (Sun)

2. Participants

Members for whom 100 days have passed since making the complete ancestor liberation donation

3. Materials to Prepare

Holy robes (including white socks, white gloves, etc.), blessing ring (you may use your personal ring), ancestor blessing donation MORE

4. Points to Consider

1. If planning to participate in the ancestor liberation ceremony on the weekend that the ancestor blessing ceremony is held, you must register by 6 PM on Saturday in order to participate in the ancestor liberation ceremony. Please make a reservation via fax or email by 12 p.m. on Saturday.

2. If possible, the person who liberated each particular group of generations should also bless that group.

*Special "Additional" Ancestors Liberation Ceremony (For members living in either Korea or Japan: Liberation of one group of generations per 2-day workshop attended)

True Father allowed the liberation of paternal ancestors in 1999 and it is now possible to liberate 91 generations of ancestors. 84 generations of ancestors can also be blessed and become absolute good spirits that will support our blessed families, thereby opening the way to receive tremendous heavenly fortune. It is vital for us to understand that in order to inherit this heavenly fortune, the liberation and blessing of our ancestors is absolutely necessary. There are many members living in Korea and Japan who, due to various personal situations, have not been able to liberate their ancestors up to the 91st generation.

Through True Parents’ love and Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim’s devotion, members living in Korea or Japan can now liberate one set of seven generations at any ancestor liberation ceremony held throughout the year (starting from the 613th 2-day workshop held on November 5, 2003). For example, those who have liberated up to the 14th generation can liberate the generations 15~21 during a 2-day workshop. Those who have not liberated generations 1~7 on the father’s side may also do so.

(Please note that members living in any country other than Korea or Japan may liberate their ancestors at any ancestor liberation ceremony held throughout the year.)

Please contact us for further inquiries.

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