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36th True God's Day

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작성일2002-12-27 Hit12,143


The 36th True God’s Day

The 36th True God’s Day


We hope that as many members can join the 36th True God’s Day with True Parents at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.  For those who cannot make it to Cheongpyeong, True God’s Day and The Day of Victory of Love events will be webcasted live through the internet at http://live.tongil.or.kr.  The schedule is as follows.




Midnight Session

A.      Time : December 31st, 12 o’clock midnight (Korea time)

B.      Place: Heavenly Palace, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

C.       Attire: Formal or Best Clothes



D.      Time : January 1st, 2003,  7 am (Korea time)

E.      Place: Heavenly Palace  

F.      Attire: Holy Robes


Morning Service

G.     Time : 9 am (Korea time)

H.      Place: Heavenly Palace

I.         Attire: Best Clothes


Afternoon Performance

J.        Time: 2 pm (Korea time)

K.      Place: Heavenly Palace