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작성일2004-06-17 Hit9,113


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Collecting “Special Works” Testimonies!


We are collecting testimonies of the “Special Works for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes” that took place from June 2nd to 6th.  Please share your experiences with the great love of God with other brothers and sisters. We would greatly appreciate it if you would send us, via fax or e-mail, a testimony of the grace you received . (A commemorative gift will be given to each person whose testimony is selected for use as educational material.)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336 (Office of Education and Planning, Sunhee)

E-mail: cpwebeng@cheongshim.com


- Points to Consider -

1. When sending your testimony, be sure to include your country of residence, local church, name, blessing group, telephone number, etc.

2. Please write freely about spiritual experiences, healing of diseases, conversion of heart, problems with your marriage or with your children, material blessings, and other content of the grace that you received.

3. If it is difficult to write the testimony, you can call Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center (82-31-589-7167) and we will help prepare it.