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40-Day Workshop Dates 2003

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Notice for the Cheongpyeong 40

Notice for the Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshops in 2003

The Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop is truly a valuable time to inherit God's and True Parents' heart and heavenly fortune.  During the 40 days, you can discover your true self, separate evil spirits thatare constantly trying to bring you pain and misfortune, improve your relationship with your spouse, cure your infertility or health problem and more 

40-Day Workshop Dates for 2003

68th: 12.7.2002  to 1.15.2003

69th: 1.18.2003  to 2.26.2003

70th: 3.1.2003  to  4.9.2003

71st: 4.12.2003  to 5.21.2003

72nd: 5.24.2003  to  7.2.2003

73rd: 7.5.2003  to  8.13.2003

74th: 8.16.2003   to  9.24.2003

75th: 9.27.2003  to  11.5.2003

76th: 11.8.2003  to  12.17.2003

77th: 12.20.2003  to  1.28.2004

l      To participate in the 40-day workshop, we recommend that you come within the first 15 days since the starting date of the workshop.  But you can still come at any time of the year. 

l      For questions call: 82-31-589-7191 or 7192.

Workshop Fee:  $435.00 USD  or 500,000 Korean Won

(The fee when paid in US dollars can change due to exchange rate fluctuations)


True Parents' Words on the 40-Day Workshop