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Notice: “Ancestor Blessing” donation will be required as of 16 August 2003


 “Ancestor Blessing” donation will be required as of 16 August 2003

As of 16 August 2003, a donation will be required from all members for “ancestor blessings,” in addition to donations already required for “ancestor liberations.”

Members have been participating in the liberations and blessings of their ancestors at the Cheongpyeong Training Center according to the direction of our True Parents. As you have probably noted from recent speeches and communications, True Father has been strongly emphasizing the importance of liberating and blessing our ancestors, and has even stated that it “must” be done in order to save our families and tribes, etc.

The grace of our True Parents has allowed our ancestors to be restored through these liberations and blessings that have enabled them to have their original sin cleansed, as well as enabling them to come into the position where they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world as blessed couples.

It is because they have received so much grace that they desire to express their gratitude by asking their descendants to give a “blessing donation” more exact in nature. In the past they have felt awkward in front of True Parents and heaven when donations were not given by their descendants. Considering this, a fixed amount of “blessing donation” has been decided upon.


Blessing donation procedure for all groups after generations 1~7

The donation amount has been set at 70 USD per combined group of father’s side and mother’s side ancestors (two together). Payment is made for each group of two lineages and not separately for half groups. Therefore, a person cannot donate 35 USD for only the father’s side, let’s say. Only multiples of 70 USD can be donated even if there is only one-half group being donated for.

For example, if you are donating for two groups on the mother’s side and one group on the father’s side, you would pay 140 USD. If you are donating for 3 groups on the mother’s side only the cost would still be 210 USD, so it is to your advantage to bless father’s sides and mother’s sides at the same time.

Please take the above new blessing donation guidelines into consideration before coming to Cheong Pyeong for ancestor blessing ceremonies.



l      Note that the blessing donation for groups 1~7 is still 700 USD in total for the combined father’s and mother’s lineages and is payable to Cheong Pyeong.

l      For those who have liberated and blessed the two additional lineages (grandmother’s male lineages), they are considered as combined with father’s and mother’s sides lineages as far as blessing donations are concerned.

Contact Point : 82-31-589-7191/7192


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