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Fulfillment of Wishes Paper Information (Q&A)

Q1. What is the “Fulfillment of Wishes Paper”?

* It is a special grace for the sake of fulfilling your wishes.

* Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim offer prayers and jeongseong [sincere devotion] for the fulfillment of the content that you write on the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper.

* The Fulfillment of Wishes Paper particularly helps make it easier to separate the han-filled [resentment-filled] spirits from our bodies. (It causes the resentful spirits doing evil acts within our bodies to temporarily halt those activities.)

Q2. What kind of things can I write on the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper?

* You can write down your wishes or any health, family or other problems that you need to resolve.

* However, you cannot write out a Fulfillment of Wishes Paper for ancestor liberation or collateral relative liberation. (You can liberate your ancestors or collateral relatives when you participate in the 2-day workshop.)

Q3. When can I write out a Fulfillment of Wishes Paper?

You can write out the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers while participating in a workshop (2-day, 40-day, long-term stay, etc.)

Q4. Where can I offer the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper and the donation of gratitude?

* You can write out the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper and offer it together with the donation of gratitude at Jeongshim Won. (Please place the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper on the designated tray and the donation of gratitude in the designated donation box.)

* The donation of gratitude for each Fulfillment of Wishes Paper is set according to nation group:

Group 1 - US$50, Group 2 - US$40, Group 3 - US$30, Group 4 - US$20, Group 5 - US$10

(The donation of gratitude for the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper adds to and completes the insufficient amount of devotion we have offered for the fulfillment of wishes, separation of spirits, and cleansing of sin.)

Q5. Can I write out many Fulfillment of Wishes Papers?

* You can fill out as many Fulfillment of Wishes Papers as you would like, and the jeongseong [sincere devotion] will increase according to the amount written.

* If you write out many Fulfillment of Wishes Papers, with either the same or with differing content, please offer the donation of gratitude according to the amount of papers written.

* The smaller the sins of your ancestors, the faster the problems are resolved. Likewise, the greater the sins of your ancestors, the longer it will take to resolve the problems.


Amazing Deeds of the Absolute Good Spirits

- A member in East Hokkaido Region, Japan

I am grateful to True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim and for the amazing deeds of the absolute good spirits and the grace of the Special Prayer-Wish Offering event. I was blessed in the 30,000 couple blessing and currently serve as a zone leader in Japan.

In the past, my father had told me that we were no longer father and daughter. It has been tremendously difficult for me to discuss matters with my father. Still, I told myself that it would be different this time, armed as I was with a prayer-wish paper and with the absolute good spirits behind me. So I wrote my father's name on the prayer-wish paper and asked my husband to pray with me for my father.

Remarkable things occurred after that. I called my father and talked with him for an hour. I asked a difficult favor of him and he accepted it; before he would just hang up on me if I asked a favor of him. A miracle had occurred.

I told my husband about this amazing event, and he told me about a strange experience he had had:

Seeing how serious I was, my husband had agreed to pray with me, yet he was skeptical about this providence for the absolute good spirits, thinking that things we'd heard were exaggerated. He told me that he hadn't believed in the works of the absolute good spirits; but when he prayed, he saw the absolute good spirits going to my father at an unbelievable speed. He saw tens of thousands of absolute good spirits as blinding light gather around himself and then streaking towards my father's house in three groups at a tremendous speed, leaving behind a belt of light. He saw them arrive at my father's house in an instant. He said that he could sense that the spirits were working on my father; he was deeply moved by that.

He saw the first group of absolute good spirits go into my father's eyes, ears and mouth. They did this in order to prevent him from seeing unpleasant things. They entered into each and every cell, pushing out the spirits with enmity that were in his body in the form of black spots.

Then he saw the second group of absolute good spirits go into my father's head, changing his mind-set so that he can think the right way. My husband saw the last group of absolute good spirits enter my father's heart. He saw them working on my father's heart, in order to help him have good thoughts. My husband told me that it was like watching a movie.

He also told me that he found himself rooting for the absolute good spirits with clenched fists. He said that this miracle occurred at a tremendous speed for five minutes. My husband said that he clearly saw my father's heart being transformed. Seeing these great miracles of the myriad of absolute good spirits, my husband told me that he finally realized why we needed the absolute good spirits, and commented on how many of these spirits were needed to transform one person.

 (From The 10th Anniversary of the Cheongpyeong Providence: All Was Love: Dae Mo Nim’s Words and Testimonies of Grace)