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<b>Updated: 40-Day 2nd Generation Workshop

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40-Day Second Generation Workshop

Updated:40-Day Second Generation Workshop

There will be a 40-day workshop for 2nd generation this summer at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. The workshop is scheduled for July 16 - August 24, 2005. Please see the notice posted on 5/7/05, which reflects the official information. MORE  Also, please refer to the 40-day workshop section of the Cheongpyeong Training Center website for general information about the 40-day workshop. MORE

Please note that anyone who comes to attend a workshop at Cheongpyeong must be sure to secure their visa situations as applicable before arriving. The training center cannot acquire or extend visas for you. We recommend that you receive a tourist visa (C3, 90 days) before coming to Korea.

Make sure to prepare yourselves internally before coming so you can get the most out of your workshop experience. We hope that many second generation can come and participate in the 40-day workshop this summer!