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2nd Gen. Workshop Staff Recruit

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작성일2008-03-06 Hit9,688


We would like to have staff members for International 2nd Generation 40-day Workshop which will be held from July 2 to August 10, 2008.

Please inform all members of this memo, so that we can have enough staff members for the workshop.



1. Staff Workshop Period:  June 21 ~ 30, 2008


**   After staff workshop, staff members will dedicate for the 2nd gen workshop, which will be held July 2 ~ August 10, 2008. **


2. Qualifications and Expected Roles for Staff Members


1) Preferred: 2nd Generation


2) Age : 21 years or older who have graduated from High School


3) Experience:

Those who have participated in a 40-Day Workshop at Cheong Pyeong


4) Expected Roles


① Staff

*Prepare for the 40-day workshop beforehand by participating in the staff member’s educational workshop being held from June 21st through the 30th, right before the workshop which begins in July.


*As a staff member, one must be able to not only understand the direction and policy of the Training Center, but also be able to mediate it to the trainees.


*Assist in running the workshop.


② Group Leader

*Being in a different country and culture, group leaders must be able to help the group members adjust to the workshop by encouraging them in many ways.


*Report your group situation to leadership.


*Participation in Leader Meetings


③ Other

*Once selected as a staff member, further information will be available via e-mail.


3. Traveler’s Insurance & Visa


Members coming from abroad must, prior to their arrival in Korea, make sure to purchase traveler’s insurance (CIGNA, BUPA, AXA) and have a C3 visa (90days), or secure their visa situation where applicable. The Training Center cannot acquire or extend visas for anybody. If a visa were to expire, the immigrations office will charge the individual a penalty of 100 USD and place that individual’s name on a black list.


4. Other


1) Staff Application Form (Attachment #1) (Download from top of the page)


2) Self Introduction (Attachment #2) (Downlaod from top of the page)


3) Recommendation Letter from local church pastor

    (Follow your local church form)


4) Proper standard of Life of Faith


5) Healthy mind and body


6) Expected to fully participate in the 40 Day Workshop


7) Expected to participate in the staff members’ workshop which will be held from June 21 ~ 30, 2008.

**Staff Application Form, Self Introduction & Recommendation Letter Arrival: By the end of March, 2008.


Please email or fax the attachment files ‘Staff Application Form’ and ‘Self Introduction’ and ‘Recommendation Letter’ to the Cheongpyeong International Office by the end of April, 2008, after filling it out.


5. Further Inquiries

Telephone: 82-31-589-7179 (English, Japanese)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336

Email: treeofblessing@hotmail.com