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Announcement for September 2-day Workshop

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Announcment for 2-day Workshop schedule for September 2009


Due to circumstances the Cheongpyeong 2-day Workshops were scheduled to start again from September 19 however, from September new sets of generations are going to be liberated and blessed, many members from around the world have contacted the training center to open their doors. Therefore, the training center with its complete preparation to welcome many members in a new environment, the 2-day workshops for September will start from the 1st week. For the past two weeks, although there were no official 2-day workshops, due to strong request by the Cheongshim Staff and other members, there were two special workshops held.


The 2-day workshops will resume according to the below schedule for September, so we hope that many members could come and attend and receive much blessings. We offer our deep gratitude to all members who have prayed and offered sincere devotion for the training center.


Please note that this official memo is intended for those members living outside of Korea and Japan.


1. September Workshop Schedule


9/5 (Sat) - 6 (Sun): Saturday - Sunday Workshop


9/11 (Fri) - 12 (Sun): Friday - Saturday Workshop


9/19 (Sat) - 20 (Sun): Ancestor Blessing Ceremony (1-175), Blessing Ceremony for Spirits of Unmarried 1st Gen. Members


9/25 (Fri) - 26 (Sat): Friday - Saturday Workshop

*The opening ceremony for the workshops will begin at 7:00 p.m.


 2. Cheongpyeong 40-day Workshops will start from 9/19 (Sat) as scheduled.


3. Pregnant sisters and long term members could also start their workshop from 9/5 (Sat)


4. Further inquiries:

Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7179 or 7188

                   Korean: +82-31-589-7130

                   Japanese: +82-31-589-7179    

                   Chinese: +82-31-589-7134

Fax: +82-31-585-0886

Email: (International Office)