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Recruitment of Photos for 2011 Cheongpyeong Calendar!!

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Recruitment of Photos for 2011 Cheongpyeong Calendar



At the spring azalea Photo Contest many photographs were gathered where Dae Mo Nim selected the winners and finished in success.


After this, Dae Mo Nim was impressed of the members’ photographs and said to create a beautiful calendar for 2011 using the photographs of the members.


That is why we are recruiting your photograph that you took at Cheongpyeong Holy Ground. So please send your best photographs. Let’s share the yet to be discovered Cheongpyeong’s attraction through your photographs!


Recruitment Period: July 3 (Sat) – September 30 (Thurs)



    -4 seasons of Cheongpyeong Holy Ground

    (Cheongpyeong Holy Ground doesn’t just refer to the training center but also other Cheongshim Organizations such as the Cheongshim International Medical Center, Cheongshim Youth Center and etc. Any landscape photographs taken within the Cheongpyeong Holy Ground that can express the 4 seasons.)


    -Size: 2800x2100 pixels (6,000,000 pixels)


Required Information:


    - Contact Information (Name, Blessing Group, Country and Church)


Submitting Method:



-   Only 4 photographs can be submitted by each person



Among the members that sent their photographs and are selected for the Year 2011 Cheongpyeong Calendar will receive the ‘Year 2011 Cheongpyeong Calendar’ and a ‘Original Parka’.


We wait for your beautiful photographs!!