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Autumn Photo Contest

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작성일2010-09-17 Hit7,251


To commemorate the ‘2010 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works’ (10.22-24) we are going to hold a Photo Contest. We will select the photos that are sent to be posted up on the website and present gifts to winners. We hope that many can participate in this Photo Contest.


Theme: Beautiful Autumn


Eligible Photographs: Photos taken in Cheongpyeong Holy Ground during the Autumn Great Works (10/22-24)


Eligible Participants: Whoever attending the Autumn Great Works


Recruit Period: Oct. 22- Nov.10, 2010


Application Method: e-mail: 



- Size: more than 2800x2100 Pixels (6,000,000 pixels)


-  5 photos per person


-   We cannot return the photos that you have sent to us. The copyright for the photo that you have sent will be under Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center’s jurisdiction.


Please attach the following information: Title (Do not forget to give each photo a title!), place of the photo taking, name, Blessed Couples (unmarried 2nd and 3rd generations please write your parents’ blessing), Church, Contact Information (telephone number and mailing address)



1st place: 1 person (Prize : iPad 16GB Wi-Fi)


2nd place: 3 people (Prize: iPod nano 8GB)


3rd place: 5 people (Prize: 1000th Cheongpyeong Special Workshop Commemorative Pictorial )


Encouragement: 10 people  (Prize : 2011 Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center Calendar)


*Dae Mo Nim will select the winning photo and the winner will receive a certificate and prize. (Certificate and Prize will be mailed in early December)


Announcement of Winners: Winners will be posted on the Cheongpyeong webpage at the ‘Photo Corner’ by November 20 and their photos will be published in Japanese Cheongpyeong Magazine ‘25th Cheongshim’.