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61st 40 Day Workshop

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작성일2002-02-15 Hit8,793


Notice for the 61st 40 Day Workshop

The 40 day workshop, which is going on throughout the year non-stop and is in the midst of True Parents’, Heung Jin Nim’s and Dae Mo Nim’s love, will be held for its 61st time from February 15th, 2002 to March 27th, 2002.

The Cheongpyeong 40 day workshop emerged out of True Parents’ direction to the church elders, who were to go out as National Messiahs, to receive a 120 day workshop at the site. Since it was too difficult to take 120 days out of their schedule due to the fact that they were currently holding official positions, the length was reduced to 40 days after repeated requests to True Parents.
Thereafter, Korean and Japanese ministers and wives received the 40 day workshop in order to inherit heavenly fortune, out of True Parents’ love for them.

True Parents said that all blessed couples all over the world should receive the 40 day workshop at Cheongpyeong three times, 120 days all together, and 2nd generation, who want to receive the Blessing, for sure must receive the Cheongpyeong 40 day workshop three times before they are blessed.

During the 40 days, pregnant women, couples who have fertility problems, and 2nd generation will be called upon and get evil spirits liberated directly from Dae Mo Nim. For those who have health problems, such as cancer, and for those who are struggling with various problems, you can request to have a personal interview and prayer session with Dae Mo Nim. Because of all this grace, many church members have attended the 40 days workshop so far.

The powerful holy song sessions and the heated atmosphere of the 40 day workshop participants are melting the ice and blowing in the spring. Come and directly experience the amazing love and grace for yourselves! Centered on Cheongpyeong and together with the age of the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, there is the amazing phenomena of spiritual liberation and holy song singing going on.