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19th Special Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives

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작성일2002-02-20 Hit8,977


Notice for the 19th Special Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives

Notice for the 19th Special Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives

Through the expansion of love from God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, the 19th Registration workshop will be held as explained below.  Up to now, many miracles have occurred through the Registration workshop.  We have heard through testimonies of the participants that members who had fertility problems were able to have children.  Members, who were suffering with various problems, were able to solve their difficulties, one by one.


We hope that members, who have not attended the workshop until now, will come without fail and directly experience the grace that wants to befall upon them.


So far, we have no plans for more Registration workshops after this one.  Blessed wives, who have not come to the workshop, should use this opportunity and participate as much as possible.

1. Date:  March 9th, 2002 to March 29th, 2002

Registration Blessing Workshop: March 29th, 2002 to March 31st,2002


2. Participants
- Blessed Wives who have not participated in the Registration Workshop or have not completed the workshop.

2. Place
- Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

3. What to Prepare:
Hun Dok materials:
...True Parents, Father's Prayer Vols. 1-6, Earthly Life and Spirit World(I/II), Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom(1)
Other things to prepare:
...Holy robes, at least 2 white T-shirts for singing sessions, toiletries, any necessary medicines, FM radio, extra money for donations for ancestor liberation

4. Workshop fee : $1000

5. Other matters to consider:
Children are not allowed.
Those who are mentally ill may not attend.
Regarding pregnant wives:
...- Those who are in the early stage of pregnancy (up to the 3rd month) are advised not to participate. They should wait until they enter the more stable stage (around the 4th month) and then participate.
...- Those who are in the later stages of pregnancy and who are struggling physically are advised to wait until they are back to full strength before participating.