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Coming of Age Ceremony

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Reason for the Coming of Age Ceremony


On November 12, 2004, at the offering ceremony of Cheongshim Youth Training Center, True Parents said ‘All who are over 18 years old must have their Coming of Age Ceremony here’ as they looked around the Traditional Clothing Room and the Traditional Propriety Room.


True Parents’ Words


Leaders’ mindset that is needed as an Adult:Become a leader that will lead the Providence


“What am I going to do? What kind of person would I become in front of these people? Also, what sort of person would I become in front of the world? What sort of person would I become in front of Heaven and Earth? You must have the vision, ‘What kind of occupation am I going to do?’ Now that you are in your twenties, you should have a vision, ‘I am doing this’ and once they work really hard that person would become a historical person and leave something behind. Those who worry other people’s opinion and live reasonably to the situation will flow elsewhere. After deciding that ‘I am doing this’, whatever difficulty that comes in front you must have the courage to overcome such problem. It’s not that you don’t like difficulties but you must have the guts to digest everything.” (120-313)


Preparing a True Family after welcoming a true spouse as an adult


“It’s all about how fast I can perfect myself. The ideal partner is when you can connect to your spouse’s world but an ideal partner can only appear when you decide whether you are a perfect object or an imperfect subject. Therefore, what is the first thing to solve? You must first perfect one’s self. Before considering a ideal partner you must become a filial child in front of your parents and create a connection of love with your parents that they officially recognize. For this to happen you must unite with your parents. To offer filial piety to your parents you must unite with your siblings. There should be true exemplars by each member of the family. With that kind of meaning it’s really important to know if I am perfect. Then, when that is sorted out meeting with the ideal partner starts.” (100-149)


Protect your Purity and Absolute Marital Fidelity


“What I have taught of the method to best protect purity is ‘Absolute Marital Fidelity’. The partner of love which have been connected once is eternal and will never change under any circumstances. This is the meaning of a relationship of Absolute Love. This is because, the meeting of the two centered on God’s love which is eternal and absolute. This is not something that applies only to the men and something that doesn’t just apply to the women. It is heaven’s moral to be protected by man and woman.”


“Coming of Age Ceremony for Blessed Children”


1.  Scheduled Dates: August 4 (Thurs) – 5 (Fri), 2011 (Held together with the Sunghwa Student Workshop)


2.  Place: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


3.  Eligible Participants: Blessed Children over the age of 18 years

(Those born between January 1, 1993 and December 31, 1993)


4.  Ceremony Content:

1) Holy Water Ceremony, Blessing Education


2) Oath of Adulthood, Proclamation of Adulthood, Awarding of Certification of Adulthood


5.  Contact information:


1) Tel: English: +82-31-589-7179 or 7188

Korean: +82-31-589-7130

Chinese: +82-31-589-7131


2) Fax: +82-31-585-0886


3) Email:  (International Office)