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Workshop Schedule

October Schedule

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  • The workshop schedule for October 2011 is as below. Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies for generations 1-210 will begin from October, 2011, and will continue to be held for a 5-month period until February, 2012.
  • All members from around the world can liberate al possible groups of ancestors at any of the 2-day Workshops held throughout the year. Please make a 21-day condition of devotion (breakfast fast or 50 bows for every 7 generations for each lineage) before coming to participate in an Ancestor Liberation Ceremony
  • Please note that this official memo is intended for those members living outside of Korea and Japan.
  • The ‘2011 Autumn Special Great Works’ will be held from 10/21-23. Detailed information will be released very soon.


1. October Workshop Schedule


157th: 9/3 (Sat) - 10/12 (Wed), 2011 [72nd Blessed Wives]


None Scheduled


none scheduled


10/1 (Sat) - 2 (Sun): Saturday - Sunday Workshop


10/7 (Fri) - 8 (Sat): Friday - Saturday Workshop,


10/15 (Sat) - 16 (Sun): Saturday-Sunday Workshop


10/21 (Fri) - 23 (Sat): Ancestor Blessing Ceremony (1-210)
2011 Autumn Special Great Works


10/29 (Sat) - 30 (Sun): Saturday - Sunday Workshop


*The opening ceremony for the workshops will begin at 7:00 p.m.


 2. Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (Generations 1-210)


    1) All members from around the world can liberate all possible groups of ancestors at any of the 2-day workshops held throughout the year. However, the 25,000 won registration fee is required for each 7-generation group of ancestors. With respect to the registration fee, the F and M together form one group, and the GMF and GMM form another group.


    2) To liberate any Second or Third Generation who has passed away, whether blessed or unblessed, please prepare the liberation donation in accordance with the collateral liberation standard.


    3) If your grandmother, grandfather, or parent those who are included in generation 1~7 passes away after the ancestor liberation for generations 1-7, they are “Person who passes away after liberation.” You must register and offer a donation of gratitude if you are a direct descendant, or liberate as collateral with a full donation, otherwise.

    (It is also possible to liberate just by sending the application form and the donation to Cheongpyeong Link)


    4) The donation for the collateral liberation varies with the nationality of the spirit to be liberated. Please refer to the attachment file for the group standard.


    5) There is no need to register the collaterals for an Ancestor Blessing Ceremony if they were married. They will receive the blessing automatically when you bless your ancestors at the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony. If they died single, you need to apply for their blessing when there is a “Blessing Ceremony for the Spirits of Unmarried 1st Generation Members.”


3. Ancestor Blessing Ceremony (Generations 1 -210) Schedule Information


1. Schedule

10/22 (Sat) 7pm – 23 (Sun), 2011
During 2011 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works

2. Eligible Participants

1) Members for whom 100 days have passed since generations 1-7 on the F and M were liberated and the full liberation donations were offered.
2) Members for whom 100 days have passed since generations 8-210 on the F and M were liberated and the full liberation donations were offered.

3. Materials to Prepare

Holy robes (including white socks, white gloves, etc.), blessing ring (you may use your personal ring), ancestor blessing donation MORE

4. Points to Consider

1) As much as possible, the individual who liberated a particular 7 generation set of ancestors should also participate in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony to bless those generations


    1) Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies for generations 1 - 210 will begin from October 2011 and will continue to be held once a month for a 5-month period until February  2012. Generations 1 - 210 are eligible to receive the blessing after 100 days have passed from the day they were liberated and the full liberation donations were offered. They can be blessed when their descendants attend an Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, held on the third weekend of every month. (Schedule is subject to change)


    2)  Starting from July 2002, ancestors who have become Absolute Good Spirits through the blessing come to separate spirits from their descendants during the holy song session of the Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies. (Angels work with members who have not blessed their ancestors.)


    3) The donation amounts for Ancestors Blessings are set according to national group (as of August 2003). The blessing donation for generations 1~7 is offered once for the F and includes all four lineages (F, M, GMF, and GMM). However, if blessing the four lineages at separate times, a blessing donation of gratitude (same amount offered for generations 8 and above) is made each time you register. It is possible to offer the blessing donation in installments and to begin blessing generations 8 and above before payment is completed.


    4) The blessing donation of gratitude for generations 8 and above is offered per group of 7 generations. It includes all four lineages (F, M, GMF, and GMM) if blessing them all at once. However, if blessing the four lineages in a particular generation group at separate times, the donation is made again each time you register.


4. Sending Donations to Cheongpyeong


Whenever you send money to Cheongpyeong, please make sure to send the following information, or we will not be able to confirm your donation.


  • Back Payment for Ancestor Liberation: Back Payment Form B (Download) or equivalent information

Workshop Fees or Petty Expenses

a. Name of the remitter

b. Blessing group, Date of Birth

c. Purpose: (e.g. liberation back payment for 157th Jon and N Smith)

d. E-mail address

e. Telephone number, Fax number

f. Country

g. Amount of money being sent

h. Date you made the remittance


 1) Sending Donations by Check or International Money Order


IMPORTANT  Please note that there is an US$8 processing fee for checks (money orders) under US$1000 and a US$10 fee for checks (money orders) US$1000 and over.


Make check payable to


Address for Cheongpyeong Training Center 

Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun

Seorak-myeon, Songsan-ri, 432-1

Postal Code: 477-855,  South Korea

* In the envelope with the check, please make sure you include the information mentioned above. DO NOT send the information beforehand by e-mail or fax.


2) Sending Donations by Bank Wire

IMPORTANT  The banks charge a processing fee on both sides of the transfer when sending donations by wire. Please add an extra US $25~$35 to the donation you are sending to cover the fee in Korea, or please tell your bank to charge you the fees necessary for Woori Bank to receive the amount of money you want to send. For more details, please inquire at your bank. Every bank is different.


A. Sending Ancestor Liberation Donation by Bank Wire  


Name of Bank

Woori Bank 240158

Swift Code      



Kwanghwamun Branch in Seoul

Account Number

015- 029661- 41- 001



* After sending the payment, please fill out and fax or e-mail Back Payment Form B or send equivalent information.


B. Sending Workshop Fees or Petty Expenses by Bank Wire


Name of Bank

Woori Bank 240158

Swift Code      



Kwanghwamun Branch in Seoul (Gapyeong, Cheongshim Hospital Office)

Account Number



Kim Jin Cheol

* After sending the payment, please fax or e-mail the information mentioned above.


5. Group Donation

There are separate nation standards for Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for each country. If you are not sure which group you belong to please check your donation standard. Please click the attachment file above.


6. Members coming to Korea from abroad must be sure to purchase traveler's insurance. Before you make insurance, please consult with the Insurance Company if it can be used in South Korea. Please contact the Patient Affairs Department of Cheongshim International Medical Center (+82-31-589-4641) for more information.


7. Further inquiries:

Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7079 or 7179

                   Korean: +82-31-589-7130

                   Japanese: +82-31-589-7179, Chinese: +82-31-589-7131

Fax: +82-31-585-0886

Email: treeofblessing@gmail.com (International Office)