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Special Spiritual Healing Workshop

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작성일2011-09-28 Hit15,247


In commemoration of the 7th Anniversary of CheongShim International Medical Center, the 1st Special Spiritual Healing Works Workshop, which was conducted in conjunction with the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, was held centering on Japanese members in the midst of Dae Mo Nim’s special love and care, and abundant grace.


Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim mentioned that “It is very good for patients to come early and be in the hospital and attend a workshop prior to a workshop for Special Great Works.” They authorized the CheongShim International Medical Center hold a Special Spiritual Healing Works Workshop, in which there is healing from various diseases with the help of the medical Angels and the Absolute Good Spirits, which are engrafted onto modern medical techniques.


The 5th Special Spiritual Healing Works Workshop will be held as noted below, so we hope that you can inform people, so that many members can attend and receive abundant grace.



The 5th Special Spiritual Healing Works Workshop


1. Date: October 10 (Mon) – 19 (Wed), 2011 (for 10 days)


2. Eligible Participants


1) 120 patients from around the world (who suffer from cancer, mental disorder, Parkinson’s disease, nervous system, hernia, atopic dermatitis).


2) Members with any kind of disease can attend, especially cancer patients and patients suffering from mental disorder are welcome (40 days after cancer surgery, or those are going to have cancer surgery).


3) Your application will be accepted in order of its arrival, but applications can be closed early due to the hospital situations.


4) You need to pre-book!


3. Special Grace


1) Everyday attend the Holy Song Session with the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center (2 times a day)


2) Dae Mo Nim’s Words and Dae Mo Nim visiting each ward (scheduled)


3) Prayer at Dae Mo Nim’s Prayer Room (2 times)


4) Special Lecture by medical staff and training center lecturers


5)  Holy Ground Pilgrimage: Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, Cheon Bok Gung, Dae Mo Nim’s Memorial Hall (scheduled)


6) Participation in the Autumn Special Great Works of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


4. Material to Prepare


1) Any documents issued by the hospital that you are attending now: Reports of treatment, Test Results, etc. (You should bring with you all results of CT and MRI).


2) Medicine manuals that you are taking: copies of manuals issued by the hospital.


3) Formal dress (suit or dress for holy ground pilgrimage), White tee-shirt, FM radio, toiletries, extra necessary expenses (donation of gratitude).


4) Must be sure to purchase traveler’s insurance (Including your guardian).

(Before you obtain such insurance, please consult with the Insurance Company to ensure that it can be used in South Korea.


5. Workshop Fee


1) Workshop fee (donation of gratitude): 150,000 Won


2) Hospital cost (you will stay in a five-patient ward): 1,200USD


3) Workshop operation (progress) fee: 100USD

(Your guardian needs to pay as well)

             - Holy ground pilgrimage, tee-shirt (2), hoondok materials, fee for tours


4) Guardian: only one guardian is permitted per patient.


- Food cost: 5,000 won per meal

- Bedding rental fee: 20,000 won

- Workshop fee (if you register for the workshop): 150,000 won  


6. Application Method


1) Send the sign-up sheet to the CheongShim International Medical Center by fax (Sign-up Sheet: Attachment 1)


2) Should contact the person in charge beforehand (see below Nr. 7)


7. Further inquiries:


Tel: +82-31-589-4641: Furukawa Yumiko

Fax: +82-31-589-4635

Email: yu_cheongshim@yahoo.co.jp 

Homepage: www.csmc.or.kr