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작성일2003-10-09 Hit8,709



Official Announcement


We recommend the purchase of travelers insurance.


Since the opening of Cheongshim Hospital, your support and love has enabled the hospital to provide gradually stabilized medical examination services. In particular, its surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation through Oriental medicine, and psychiatry departments are all offering advanced surgical and medical treatments. The hospital is thereby gaining increasing support.

Members who plan to attend a Cheongpyeong workshop or to receive medical treatment at Cheongshim Hospital are encouraged to purchase travelers insurance before departing from their countries for Cheongpyeong. Cheongshim Hospital is making preparations to offer documented proof (diagnosis and receipt) of medical treatment received for diseases that suddenly develop en route to the workshop. These documents may be used to report insurance claims upon returning to their countries. (Travelers insurance only covers the expenses arising from injuries and illnesses that develop unexpectedly during travel; it does not cover illnesses that existed before travel.)

For this purpose and if possible, please purchase travelers insurance before coming to Cheongpyeong.


For further inquiries, please contact the hospitals general office at 80-31-589-4633.