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Admissions to Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology

Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology was established according to the vision and plan of its founders, True Parents. Their desire has been to establish a university on our land at Cheongpyeong that will become well-known throughout the world (from a speech given in 1972). In 1999, they re-emphasized the necessity of establishing it soon.
Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology is located just along the road from Cheongpyeong Training Center. Just two years after the ground-breaking ceremony for its construction, the graduate school is ready to welcome its first students, who will study on a full scholarship. The graduate school’s motto is Love God , Love Humanity, Love the Kingdom of God. Members living outside Korea are warmly welcomed to apply (see details on admissions below).


1. Department, Major and Number of Students




Number of Students

Department of Theology

Master of Theology

Study of True Parents


Unification Spirituality Studies

Church Management Studies

2. Schedule for Admission Process

Date and Time



Distributing/Accepting Applications

Nov. 17 ~ 21, 2003

Office of Academic Affairs, School Website

Online Registration Available

General Admissions

Nov. 28, 2003 (10:00am)

Main School Building Main Lecture Hall

Test (Divine Principle, Korean/English), Interview

Special Admissions (Residents outside Korea)

Nov. 29 ~ Dec. 1, 2003

Internet or Telephone


Notification of Decisions on Admissions

Dec. 5, 2003

School Website, School Bulletin Board

3. Qualifications for Applicants

1) General Admissions

(1) Those who have earned a degree from a domestic or international university (or graduate school) or who will receive such a degree by February 2004.

(2) Those who have an academic background equivalent to (1)

2) Special Admissions

Those who have an academic background equivalent to General Admissions requirements (1) or (2) and who are currently resident overseas

4. Submission of Documents for Application

1) Applicants for General Admission

- Application Form

- Letter of Recommendation from Church Leader

- Undergraduate (and Graduate) Transcripts

- Graduation Certificate (or certificate/letter of expected graduation)

- Three 3 x 4 cm photos

- Certificate of English Language Proficiency (TOEIC or TOEFL)

*Exemption from English Exam: Score at least 730 on TOEIC or at least 550 on TOEFL

- Certificate of Korean Language Proficiency (Foreign nationals living in Korea)

* Exemption from Korean test if taking a Korean language course (intermediate level or above)

- Certification of Residence in Korea (Foreign nationals living in Korea)

2) Applicants for Special Admission

- Application Form

- Two Letters of Recommendation from Church Leaders (two leaders)

- Undergraduate (and Graduate) Transcripts

- Certificate of Graduation (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Expected Graduate): 1 copy

- Certificate of Overseas Residence (Foreign nationals, Koreans overseas residents)

- Study Plan: Details of academic background, motivation and goal of study, etc.

3) Application Fee: 50,000 won (US $40)

5. Special Benefits

1) Full Scholarship (Admission fee and Dorm fee are not included)

2) Dorm for All Students (single)

3) Special Guidance from Daemo Nim

Address: Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology

San 102, Songsan-ri, Seorak-myun, Gapyoung-gun, Kyounggi-do, South Korea (Postal Code 477-855)

TEL: 031-589-4873,6,7, 4890; Fax: 031-589-4878; http://www.csef.or.kr