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School of Cheon Il Guk Era

Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology 

2013 Fall Semester Student Recruitment 



Now is the time to unify forces towards vision 2020. I believe the goal of my life is to know the heart of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and to become a true child who walk the path of filial piety, and would like to teach and learn for the sake of witnessing.


Application registrationMay. 1  (Tue.), 2013~ May. 31 (Fri.), 2013

screening:  Jun. 11 (Tue.), 2013             



*Application criteria: Graduates of a four-year college 


I. Departments and courses of recruitment



Number of students








II. Necessary Qualifications for Application

1. General Admission

1) Doctors

A. Those who have earned a M.A. degree from a domestic(in Korea) or international (foreign) graduate school, or who will receive such a degree by Feb. 2013.

B. Those who have an academic background equivalent to A) above.


2. Special Admission: Those who have an academic background equivalent to 1) or 2) of General Admissions, and who are currently residents overseas or are foreigners.


III. Criteria for Admission and Points System


Criteria for Admission and Points System

General Admission

Major Exam

English Exam


Total points





International Student Admission

Document screening


Total points





IV. Submission of Application Form

1. Submission of application form: May. 1  (Tue.), 2013~ May. 31 (Fri.), 2013

2. Distribution of application form: Downloadable through the school website.


3. Reception of application: Reception via Internet ( 

4. Required Documents

1) Applicants for General Admissions

- Completed application form

- 1 letter of recommendation from church leader

- 1 copy of the undergraduate(or graduate) transcript

- 1 copy of the official graduation certificate(or certificate/letter of expected graduation)

 2) Applicants for Special Admissions

- Applications for General Admissions same condition. And add belows.

- 1 copy of the applicant's passport

- 1 copy of the Certificate of Alien Registration Card (for non-Korean who live in Korea

- 1 photo (3 × 4 cm, an upper part of the body without a cap/hat)

**Those applying for the doctoral course submits their transcript and graduation certificate from their undergraduate and graduate (M.A.) universities.**


5. Admission fee: 70,000won

Online transfer: Please pay into the account of the Korea Post office Bank 101956-01-001525

 (Name of Account User: Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology, Swift Code: SHBKKRSEKPO)


V. Admission Schedule

Exam & interview: Jun. 11 (Tue.), 2013             

1. General Admission:, Main building

English test / Writing exam in major subjects / Interview

The total score earned from writing exam in major subjectsEnglishand interview will be decisive factors in selecting the successful candidates.

2. Special Admission:

The candidates will be selected following the total score of the document screening and interview (via Internet or telphone).

In cases of applicants who cannot enter the country due to visa problem, and those living overseas applying for special admission: Those are selected beforehand by document screening and can go through the final selection after the oral examination.


VI. Notifications of Successful Candidates

 Jun. 26 (Wed.), 2013             through the school website and individual contact


[477-855] san 102, Songsan-ri, Seolak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Tel. 031.589.1500, Fax. 031.589.1559,