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56th 21-day Workshop for Blessed Wives

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56th 21-day Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives


True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind extended to all blessed families the grace of removing the original sin through the “Marriage Blessing” (church level blessing), so that each family, after that, could complete the four position foundation and be entered on True Parents’ register through the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing” (national level blessing). Previously, through the “Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Opening Cheon Il Guk” (solar: Jan.6, 2003) and the “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” (Oct.14, 2009), True Parents set the standard for the levels of “World Blessing” and “Cosmic Blessing,” and completed the ideal of the blessing through their holding the “Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony” (1.13 by the heavenly calendar, 1st year of Cheon Il Guk). On the foundation of these providential victories, in order to extend the grace of “World Blessing” and “Cosmic Blessing,” True Parents allowed the “Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony” to all blessed families around the world. Therefore, the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony,” which is a national level blessing, is a very precious blessing and grace that all humanity must receive regardless of the changes of the times.


Therefore, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have offered the grace, not only for those blessed family members who have attended the “Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony,” without attending the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony,” but to those members who were brought into the church and received the marriage blessing after Foundation Day, of attending the “Blessed Wives 21-day Workshop,” the “Blessed Husbands 8-day Workshop,” and the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony by hold those workshops continuously.”


Even if you have attended the “Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony” and the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony,” the children with whom you were pregnant at the time of your participation, or 2nd or 3rd generation children who were born after the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony,” should attend the “Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony” and partake of the holy wine.


Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.


1. 21-day Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives


1) Schedule – 5.7 – 5.27 by the Heavenly Calendar  


56th: June 15 (Sat, 7 p.m.) – July 5 (Fri, 12 p.m.), 2013


*If you are able to register until June 20 (Thurs), you are eligible to attend 56th Registration Blessing Ceremony. However, you must attend 21 days not including the period of 2-night and 3-day Registration Blessing workshop.


2) Eligible Participants:


    ①Blessed wives who have not participated yet in the Registration Workshop for Blessed wives

    ②Blessed wives of the Spirit World and Physical World Blessed Family

*However, if you are an old or feeble person, your daughter, daughter-in-law or spiritual daughter can represent you under the permission of your national leader or church leader.


3) Location: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


4) Workshop fee: $1,000.US


5) Hoondok Materials: Exposition of the Divine Principle (3-colored version), Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong (Purchasable at the Store), As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen


6) Materials to Prepare: Holy Song book, white t-shirts (three or more), thin pants for Chanyang Yeoksa Sessions, toiletries, comfortable shoes, shoe bag, personal medication, umbrella and raingear, one photo (3x4 cm), a set of dress clothes, Holy Robes and Blessing Ring (for those who will participate in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony), medical insurance certificate (for those who will use the services of CheongShim Hospital), FM radio, and some warm clothing.


7) Points to Consider:

    - Children are not permitted to attend this workshop. Please do not bring them along. (If the situation is difficult and you want to bring your child, first contact the International office.)


    - Members who are psychologically or spiritually challenged must first consult with Rev. Kim (+82-31-589-7188). If permission is granted, he or she may only register if accompanied by a caregiver. (Please keep in mind that if permission is not granted, or if a caregiver does not come, such members may be asked to return home.)


    - Pregnant sisters are encouraged to attend during the 5th to 6th months of pregnancy for safetyreasons. (There is concern that coming too early or too late may increase the chance of a

    miscarriage or premature delivery.)


    - A caretaker must accompany those who are weak from sickness or age.


8) Those who would like to liberate any set of ancestors up to the current generation group must be sure to prepare the workshop registration fee (25,000 won per set of seven generations) and the ancestor liberation donations in advance.


2.  Medical Insurance for Traveling Abroad (Traveler’s Insurance)


1) Even if you obtain traveler’s insurance, you will be asked to pay the hospital fee first, and then get reimbursed later. Please prepare extra cash for emergency medical expenses.


2) If you have appropriate insurance from CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits, you can receive medical treatment without paying the whole payment, by paying the required deduction amount plus your percentage of the total subsequent costs according to the contract you made with the company. But please check all details with the company as to whether or not it can be used in South Korea.


3. Further inquiries:

Telephone:  English: +82-31-589-7133, 7179

            Korean: +82-31-589-7130

Chinese: +82-31-589-7131

Fax: +82-31-584-4336

Email: treeofblessing@gmail.com  (International Office)