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2014 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works

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“2014 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works”


On the foundation of True Parents’ victorious realm and the sincere devotion and love offered by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim with the True Children from the spirit world as well as the works by the 480 billion absolute good spirits and angels the ‘2014 Autumn Cheongpyeong Special Great Works’ will be held from October 24 (Fri) – 26 (Sun), 2014. We wish for many participants to receive great grace.


Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.


1. Time Period: Leap 9.1 – 2 by the Heavenly Calendar, 2nd Year of Cheon Il Guk


October 24 (Fri) Starting Prayer– October 26 (Sun) Prayer of Gratitude, 2014


1)  The general policy is for everyone to participate during the entire period from October 24 – 26. However, those with personal circumstances may attend the workshop in part, but they should keep in mind that the grace of the Special Great Works Workshop will be much greater if they can attend for the full period of time.


2. Place: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


3. Participants: All members from around the world


4. Special Grace:


1) Works of the mobilization of 480 billion Absolute Good Spirits and Angels


2) Prayer at the Tree of All Things (Grace of inheriting the Special Candle)


3) Unification Sports Festival


4) Holy Items Lottery Event


5) 1-259 Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, 1-266 Ancestor Liberation Ceremony


6)  Grace of the Fulfillment of Wishes Paper for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune, Prayer for the Fulfillment of Wishes


7) Dae Mo Nim’s Prayer Room Prayer


5. Schedule & Program (Note that the schedule is subject to change.)



Oct 24 (Fri)

Starting Prayer of Gratitude, Opening Ceremony(7:00pm), Chanyang Yeoksa (3 times a day), Special Lecture, Prayer at the Dae Mo Nim’s Prayer Room, Fulfillment of Wishes Papers Prayer

Oct 25 (Sat)

Dae Mo Nim’s Words, Special Lecture, Chanyang Yeoksa (3 times a day), Prayer for the Fulfillment of Wishes, Dae Mo Nim’s Prayer Room Prayer, Unification Sports Festival, Prayer at the Tree of All Things (Evening).

2-day Workshop

Oct 26 (Sun) 


Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, Fulfillment of Wishes Papers Prayer


Chanyang Yeoksa (Lunch, Evening: Mobilization of all Lecturers under the guidance of Dae Mo Nim), Holy Item Lottery Event, Victory Prayer of Gratitude


6. Participation donation of Gratitude (Registration Fee)



10/25 (Mon)  

10/26 (Tue)


6,000 Won

2,000 Won

Donation of Gratitude


8,000 Won

2,000 Won


24,000 Won

15,000 Won

13 and above

40,000 Won

25,000 Won

*If you arrive before 23rd (Thurs), then the following workshop fee is required for one night: 13 and above: 15,000 Won; 7-12: 9,000 Won; 3-6: 6,500 Won; 0-2: 4,000 Won


7. Medical Insurance for Traveling Abroad (Traveler’s Insurance)


1) Even if you obtain traveler’s insurance, you will be asked to pay the hospital fee first, and then get reimbursed later. Please prepare extra cash for emergency medical expenses.


2) Please check all details with the company as to whether or not it can be used in South Korea.


8. Further inquiries

Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7079 or 7179,

Korean: +82-31-589-7130

Chinese: +82-31-589-7131

Fax: +82-31-584-4336

Email: treeofblessing@gmail.com  (International Office)