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작성일2004-02-25 Hit8,581



Ancestors Liberation for Generations 85~91

1.Starting from April 3, 2004 and through August 2004, members can liberate the 85th to the 91st generations of their ancestors. Members living in all countries other than Korea and Japan can liberate up to the 91st generation at any Ancestors Liberation Ceremony they attend.

Dae Mo Nim, urges everyone to liberate their 85th to 91st generations at the beginning of April for the sake of their ancestors -- who are suffering tremendously -- and so their ancestors can bring blessings to their families.

2. Starting from April 17th and through August 2004, members can also bless their ancestors up to the 84th generation. Ancestors Blessing Ceremonies are generally held on the third weekend of every month.

**For members living in either Korea or Japan: Originally, members living in these two countries could only liberate the current group of generations during the allotted five-month period; those who were behind in liberating their ancestors had to wait until the sporadic “additional” Ancestors Liberation Ceremony to catch up. However, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have made many conditions and it is now possible for these members to liberate one set of seven generations each time they participate in a 2-day workshop.