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작성일2004-03-06 Hit8,487



Heaven and Earth Blessing Ceremony

1. Schedule: April 17 (Sat, 6 p.m.) ~ 18 (Sun)

2. Participants:

- Single blessed members who participated in the educational program for single blessed members conducted at Cheongpyeong

- Single blessed members who have yet to receive the Heaven and Earth Blessing

3. Place: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center

4. Materials to Prepare: holy robes (including white socks and white gloves), blessing ring (one each for both spouses), donation of gratitude, FM radio

5. Points to Consider:

- Please put your full heart and devotion into preparing the donation of gratitude

- Please prepare two blessing rings, one for each spouse

- If unavoidable circumstances prevent the individual who will receive the blessing from personally attending the ceremony, a representative (children or grandchildren of the paternal line, church leader) may participate in his/her stead. The representative must bring holy robes to wear during the ceremony, as well as pictures of the two blessing participants and two blessing rings.

For further details or inquiries:

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