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Special Announcement for the Great Works

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The workshop schedule for June 2011 is as below.

The Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for this Special Great Works will be held on September 7th (Thursday). If you would like to bless your ancestors this time, please take note of the following points:

Registration for the ancestor blessing needs to be done in the Basement 2Fl of the Heavenly Palace by September 6 (Wednesday). If you turn in the form later than this date, the blessing will be on October 21.


The blessing ceremony is made up of 2 parts:


Holy Wine Ceremony Blessing Ceremony


Main Hall of Heavenly Palace CheongShim Peace World Center
Date and time
Sept 7 (Thursday), 6:30~ (right after the Liberation Chanyang Session) Sept 7 (Thursday), 9:00~ ,
chanyang attire holy robes, blessing ring, white gloves


- The holy wine for the Holy Wine Ceremony will be distributed on the morning of Sept 7, before the Liberation Chanyang session. Please receive a holy wine cup at the lobby behind the main hall between 4:45 and 5:15. The cups will have a lid on it but they are not completely sealed, so please be careful so they do not leak. After the ceremony, please return them to the collecting boxes which will be placed in the lobby behind the main hall.


- Please change into Holy Robes before you go to the CheongShim Peace World Center. Brothers: Basement 2F / Sisters: Small Hall There is no place to change in the World Center. If you do were not able to prepare Holy Robes, please participate with a suit or dress)


- In order to facilitate the progress of the Holy Wine Ceremony, please participate in the Ancestor Liberation Chanyang in the Small Hall or 5th Fl of the Chinhwa Building if you will not be participating in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony during this Great Works.


Further inquiries:


Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7137, 7053

                   Fax: +82-31-584-4336


Email: cpintl2013@gmail.com (International Office)