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The 40-Day Workshop for 1800, 74, and 118 Couples Blessed Wives

The 40-Day Workshop for 30,000 Couples Blessed Wives


True Father said, all blessed wives must attend a Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop,? during the speech given at the 41st True Day of All Things celebration. Dae Mo Nim later asked God, Heavenly Father! You love us, right?" God answered that He loves us. Then please teach us when we do not know or have done something wrong," she requested. Then God said, "The 40-day workshops for blessed wives are being held so I can teach you. (Dae Mo Nim's speech at the 626th 2-day workshop, January 8, 2004)

Accordingly, the dates for the 40-day workshops have been set as below. The 40-day workshop for the 30,000 Couples blessed wives will begin on June 5, 2004. We hope that these blessed wives will all attend and receive the grace of spiritual rebirth, as well as the healing of both body and spirit!


1.Schedule: June 5 ~ July 17, 2004

*Please make effort to arrive on schedule. However, if coming late, you may register until June 19th (Sat). Note that you must complete the full 40-day period and that you will need to make up the missed time after the workshop has officially concluded.*

2.Hoondok Materials: Divine Principle, Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom (Vol. 1), Father's Prayers, Earthly Life and Spirit World, Vol. 1 & 2

*Blessed wives wishing to join either the Korean or Japanese group are advised to review the notices posted on the respective websites for slight variations in hoondok material.*

3. Workshop Fee: 600,000 won (revised: approximately 546 USD)

*Personal checks are accepted (for the workshop fee and any other donations) but require an additional $8 USD for the bank-processing fee.*

-- Parents may not bring young children with them to attend the 40-day workshop. Parents who would like to bring children in 5th grade or above may do so if they first consult with the International Office.


*Schedule for the Blessed Wives 40-day Workshops in 2004*

1) 30,000 Couples wives -- June 5 ~ July 14, 2004

*Special Works for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and the Fulfillment of Wishes: June 2~6, 2004*(MORE).

2) 360,000 Couples wives -- July 17 ~ August 25, 2004

3) 40 Million Couples wives -- August 28 ~ October 6, 2004*

4) 360 Million Couples wives -- October 9 ~ November 17, 2004*

5) 400 Million Couples wives -- November 20 ~ December 29, 2004*

* The 40-day workshop dates for the 40 Million ~ 400 Million Couples are subject to change.


-- Previously married couples should attend the workshop designated for their blessing group or one that will be held at a similar time period.

-- It is best to participate in the appropriate workshop for your blessing group. However, Dae Mo Nim has allowed blessed wives living outside of Korea and Japan to attend whichever workshop best fits their situations and schedules.


For more details, please inquire at 82-31-589-7191/7134 (English), 7131 (Chinese)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336

E-mail: cpwe_office@cheongshim.com