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Workshop Schedule

September Schedule

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September Schedule
May the blessings and love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.
In the substantial realm of direct dominion of the True Parents in the spirit world and physical world, HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center is holding 2-day workshop every week amid great blessings. Below you will find the Hyojeong 2-day Workshop schedule for September, 2019.
The‘Starting Family Life as a Spirit World and Physical World Blessed Family will be held in September. Please refer to the other official memo for further details.
In addition, Chuseok (Korean Thanks Giving) [September 13th] coincides with the workshop taking place on the 2nd weekend of September, it is predicted that there will be a lot of traffic so the workshop that weekend will be cancelled. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Please note that this official memo is intended for those members living outside of Korea and Japan.

1. Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop Schedule for September 2019
(Opening ceremony begins at 18:20 on the first day)
  Schedule Note
1 September 7 (Sat) ~ 8 (Sun) Sat - Sun Workshop
Starting Family Life as a Spirit World
and Physical World Blessed Family
2 No workshop on the 2nd weekend Chuseok (Korean Thanks Giving)
3 September 21 (Sat) ~ 22 (Sun) Fri - Sat - Sun Workshop
Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for 1-378 Generations
4 September 27 (Fri) ~ 28 (Sat) Fri - Sat Workshop
Starting Family Life as a Spirit World
and Physical World Blessed Family
1-210 generations: possible to liberate in any 2 day workshop
211-430 generations: possible to apply for liberation in any 2-day workshop;
Liberation is automatic if you apply for blessing after 210 generation during a blessing
workshop, However, you must not have any back payments
1-210 generations: possible to bless 100 days after the liberation
211-378 generations: possible to bless any generations after 100 days of liberation
May 2019 ~ September 2019
Possible to bless generations 211 ~ 378
October 2019 ~ Feburary 2020
Possible to bless generations 211 ~ 430

2. Program

First Day Second Day
Time Content Time Content
14:00 ~
06:00 ~
Pledge Service, HDH, Breakfast
17:30 ~
07:40 ~
Video 2
18:20 ~
Orientation, Video 1
07:45 ~
Chanyang Yeoksa
19:10 ~
Lecture 1
09:30 ~
True Parents’ Words
(Video 3)
20:00 ~
Chanyang Yeoksa
09:50 ~
Ancestor Liberation Ceremony
21:30 ~
Lecture 2
(Third weekend)
10:00 ~
Ancestor Blessing Ceremony
22:10 ~
Jeongshim Won Prayer
22:30 ~ 05:30
11:30 ~
12:30 ~

3. Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremony

A. For the ancestor liberation, please offer a 21-day condition of devotion (breakfast fast or 50 bows), regardless of the number of generations you are liberating.
B. The ancestor liberation ceremonies are held every weekend and ancestor blessing ceremonies are held once a month. Please check the monthly or yearly schedule for the ancestor liberation and blessing workshop dates.
C. Ancestors who have become absolute good spirits will go to their descendant’s home 40 days after the ancestor blessing ceremony. It is appropriate to conduct a simple “welcoming ceremony” for them.
D. Please prepare holy robes and a blessing ring when you attend the ancestor blessing ceremony. (you don`t need to buy new sets for this ceremony)
E. Members from all over the world who cannot come to HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center can apply for ancestor liberation and ancestor blessing ceremonies from their countries. For further details please check the our website:

4. Donations Group Standard for each nation

There are different donation standards for each country for the ancestor liberation and blessing ceremonies. If you are not sure which nation group you belong to, please check the ‘Group Standard’, and make sure you know your donation standard.

5. Registration fee for 2-day Workshop

Age 0-2 years 3-6 years Elementary school Adult
(Above Middle School)
Registration fee 5,000won 5,000won 20,000won 30,000won
※ When you apply to liberate more than one set of 7 generations of ancestors,
you will need to pay an additional registration fee of $25 (30,000 won)
for each extra set of 7 generations, up until 210 generations
※ There is no additional workshop fee for ancestor Blessings when more than
7 generations of ancestors are being blessed. (The Ancestor Blessing registration
fee is 30,000 won for any number of generations. However, you will need to offer
$25 or 30,000 won for each 7 generation after 210 generations).

6. Staying fee for one day

Age 0-2 years 3-6 years Elementary school Adult
(Above Middle School)
Staying fee 4,000won 8,000won 10,000won 18,000won

7. Medical Insurance for Traveling Abroad (Traveler’s Insurance)

A. A. Even if you obtain traveler’s insurance, you will be asked to pay the hospital fee first, and receive reimbursement later. Please therefore prepare extra cash for emergency medical expenses.
B. Please check carefully with your insurance company to make sure your traveler’s insurance policy will be valid in South Korea.

8. Further inquiries

A. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177 (English)
B. FAX +82-31-584-5787
C. E-mail: (Ms. Christine Wong)