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Career Opportunity


Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology is inviting applications for the position of a full-time Professor in the field of Church Management from late August 2004.


1. Appointment
 1.1 Type:                                      Full-time
 1.2 Application period:                 July 6 8, 2004
 1.3 Field of Specialization:           Church Management

2. Requirements

2.1 Qualifications

2.1.1 Academic status: Applicants must either be doctorate holders, doctoral candidates, or who are undergoing a doctoral program.

2.1.2 Preference will be given to applicants: who are qualified to be employed in accordance with the laws governing private educational institutions doctoral degree holders, including those who will obtain such a degree by August 2004. Applicants who have presented research work, other than their thesis or dissertation, in the last 4 years.


2.2 Condition of appointment

     The hiring of the successful candidate will take place in accordance with the Korean laws governing private educational institutions, as well as the regulations of Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology.


2.3 Documents to be submitted are:

2.3.1 an application form (1 copy)

2.3.2 a curriculum vitae and a self-introduction (1 copy each)

2.3.3 certification(s) of employment (all past and present) 1 copy each

2.3.4 all academic records including official transcripts of each degree (M.A., Ph. D.) (1 copy each)

2.3.5 most recent thesis (doctoral dissertation, or M.A. thesis if doctoral dissertation is not yet available)

2.3.6 a list of research publications with summaries of each publication


2.4 Applicants may submit their documents either:

2.4.1 in person at the Office of Academic Affairs, Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology
2.4.2 or by mail within the aforementioned application period.

2.5 Selection Process

2.5.1 Evaluation of applicants’overall scholastic ablities

2.5.2 Evaluation of applicants’scholastic ablities in relation to the required field of specialization.

2.5.3 Interviewing of candidates (candidates will be individually notified of their respective interview dates

2.5.4 Candidates also be individually notified of the results on July 16. 2004

2.6 All documents submitted in connection with applications cannot be returned.

      Please direct all inquiries to the Office of Academic Affairs.

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