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SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, Professor Recruitment

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SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, Professor Recruitment

SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, Professor Recruitment

Sunhak Universal Peace Graduate University is searching for mentors
who can nurture pioneering global leaders

Recruitment field / Number of people
Type Major field Number
Full time True Parents Theology / Peace NGO ◯ people

1. Qualification
1) Person who has Doctoral degree related to the field they are applying
2) Person who has published two scholarly articles as a main author (from Dec., 2015) in the past four years.
3) Blessed family of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
4) Person who has work experience in the church or church organization are given preferential
5) Person who has no reasons for disqualification in private school regulation

2. Job condition
1) Depends on school regulation and foundation
2) Hired by annual income contract (Starting Day: Mar. 1, 2020)

3. Documents
1) Application for professor 1 copy
2) Resume letter of self-introduction 1 copy
3) List of research and summary 1 copy
4) Resume 1 copy
5) Certificate of graduation, transcript (Bachelor. Master, Doctor) 1 copy each.
(In the case of degrees from oversea colleges, must be notarized by the consul or Apostille)
6) Certificate of Career, Certificate of work 1 copy
7) For foreigner, Passport copy or Alien registration card copy, 1 each
8) Dissertation of Master and Doctor
9) Research achievement related major (recent 4years: 2015. June ~ present)
10) Future plan after being professor 1 copy
11) Recommendation letter from church minister 1 copy
12) Document of Personal information service agreement
** For applicants with all required documents, submit an attachment of Korean translation for documents in foreign language. Note that this excludes translation for dissertation but summary of it is required.

4. Way of submission
1) Period: 2019. Dec. 12 ~ Dec. 17
2) Visiting SHUPGU : Academic affair’s Office
3) E-mail: [professor application uploaded]
4) Mail submission until 2019. Dec. 17. 5:00 pm.

5. Hiring Process
1) Types of exams
a. Document examination (basic examination + major examination) : Examine prospective employee’s concordance with the school major and their academic excellence in teaching ability.
b. Interview examination: demonstration of the lecture and close inspection of character (applicants will be given prior notice individually)
2) Notification of passed applicants will be contacted individually by February 5th, 2020.

6. Note
1) Giving personnel notice for 1st successful applicant of exam
2) After back ground check and personnel committee’s agreement, applicant will be employed.
3) Document in foreign language have to attach Korean translation (except dissertation, but summary have to be attached)
4) School doesn’t return Documents back.
5) If qualified person is not found, school will not employ
6) Questions to School affairs office

Q/A Manager Ms. O, Mi Seong E-mail
Phone 82.31.589.1500 FAX 82.31.589.1559
324-211, Misari-ro, Seolak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. KOREA