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Holy Ascension Anniversary

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작성일2020-08-13 Hit8,499


Holy Ascension Anniversary

Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works Commemorating the 8th Anniversary
of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent
of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.

This Great Works is of profound significance, being held in conjunction with the ‘Seonghwa Festival Celebrating the 8th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.’ However due to the current worldwide spread of COVID-19 crisis, we will not be able to gather at the CheongShim Peace World Center or the HJ CheonBo Training Center this time. As an alternative measure, and with True Mother’s permission, we will broadcast live internet coverage of the event, through which all members can participate. However please note that there is a possibility of the live internet coverage to be cancelled following the current COVID-19 crisis worsening in Korea.

Moreover, during this Great Works, the ‘Blessing Ceremony for Unmarried 1st Generation Spirits’ and ‘Ancestor Liberation/Blessing’ will be held together with the ceremony commemorating True Father’s Holy Ascension. In order for many members to participate and receive grace, please refer to the content below.


Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.

1. Holy Ascension Anniversary Schedule

Korea Time Schedule Location
Sept 3 (Thu)
18:20 ~ 19:00 Opening Ceremony and Orientation HJ Heaven and
Earth CheonBo
Training Center
(9/3 Evening )
19:00 ~ 19:30 Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for
Generations 1~430
19:30 ~ 19:50 Prayer at the Jeongshim Won
19:50 ~ 20:30 Preparation for Ancestor Blessing
20:30 ~ 21:30 Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for
Generations 1~430 and the Blessing
Ceremony for Unmarried 1st
Generation Spirits
Sept 4 (Fri)   Seonghwa Festival Celebrating the 8th
Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of
Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of
Heaven, Earth and Humankind
Peace World
* The grace of liberating all at once until 430 generations ends on the September Great Works.
* If by September Great Works, ancestor liberation has been completed until 430 generations, even after the Great Works blessing until 430 generations is possible.

3. Participation Fee

0 ~ 2 years 3 ~ 6 years elementary
(13 years and older)
Registration Fee 5,000 won 5,000 won 20,000 won 30,000 won
* Depending on the applied ancestor liberation and blessing levels,
adult participation fee may increase.

4. Online attendance during the Great Works

A. Members are encouraged to participate and watch the LIVE broadcast from the designated local churches and not from their homes.
B. Members must register to watch and attend the LIVE broadcast. Registration fee is $25 and should be sent via bank wire before the August 31, 2020.
C. Each country should abide by its government’s COVID-19 preventive measure guidelines.

5. CheonBo Entry Blessing Ceremony

A. Please note that detailed information for the CheonBo Entry Blessing Ceremony will be provided via the International Headquarters official memo as well as through the local churches.
B. CheonBo Holy Wine ceremony will not be held during this Great Works period.

6. Guidance on visiting the Training Center during the Great Works

A. As a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, refrain from entering the Training Center during the Great Works period (Sept 3 ~ 4).

7. Further inquiries

A. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177 (English)
B. FAX +82-31-584-5787
C. E-mail: cpintl2013@gmail.com (Ms. Christine Wong)