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(Updated Feb.19) Additional Information about the Rescheduled Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

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(Updated Feb.19) Additional Information about the Rescheduled Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works



May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.

The 2021 February, the “True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Birthday Celebration Hyojeong Special Great Works” will take place in accordance with True Parents’ directives. All blessed family members are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s 4 annual Great Works, and accordingly, the Training Center and the International Headquarters have cooperated to bring members the following additional information.

Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.

1. True Parents’ Birthday Great Works – Who should attend?

All members should attend the Great Works.

2. Date

Before: Feb 16 (Tue) ~ 17 (Wed)
Current: Feb 26 (Fri)
(True Parents Birthday Celebration will be officiated by the International Headquarters from 23~24, February: See separate official memo for details)

3. Main Program and Schedule (Times are subject to change)

Date Time Program Note
Feb 26
17:30 ~ 17:40 Commemorative Video Attire: White t-shirt
17:40 ~ 19:20 Opening Ceremony
19:20 ~ 19:50 1~430 generations
Ancestor Liberation Ceremony
19:50 ~ 20:10 Cheonshim Won Prayer
20:45 ~ 21:55 1~430 generations
Ancestor Blessing Ceremony
Attire: Holy Robes
* Time shown is in Korean time (GMT +9).
* The entire Great Works will be via live internet broadcast.
* Please note the time difference for your nation and attend at the appropriate time.

4. Great Works attendance locations: During this Great Works, members can participate from their church, church facility or from their homes. However, the latter is only allowed during this corona lockdown/quarantine period.

A. Church and church facility
B. Attendance from Blessed family’s home
1) In the home, those attending may only clap during the chanyang session for the removal of spirits; they should not physically hit their body. During the chanyang session, participation by clapping can also remove spirits.
2) The following members should attend from the church:
a) Members who would like to participate in the chanyang session due to health problems
b) Members who applied for the ancestor liberation and Blessing (Kindly attend from the church facility)
c) Members experiencing internet or Wi-Fi issues
d) Members who due to various difficulties are unable to view the Great Works video
(Families that due to the environment, or unsupportive situation, are unable to fully participate from the beginning to the end).
e) Members with spiritual issues (In order to cope with the situation)
3) Items to prepare at home
a) True Parents’ official picture, Hyojeong Won (Recommended), Hyojeong Offering Paper (Offer the Hyojeong Offering Paper in advance), Holy Robes (members participating in the Ancestor Blessing)

5. Workshop Participation

A. Method: Attendance at a church, church facility or blessed family’s home via HJCBT website
1) Send an email to register for the workshop. (Email: cpintl2013@gmail.com)
2) Send the workshop registration fee via bank wire transfer.
3) Log in to your account on the website (Create an account until February 25 if you do not have one).
4) On the homepage click the Great Works pop-up page to watch the live-broadcast on February 26.
* You can also watch by clicking the ‘Education’ section on the homepage.
B. Sharing or recording the event is not permitted.
C. Workshop Participation Fees
Group 0 ~ 2 years 3 ~ 6 years elementary
(13 years and older)
Registration Fee 5,000 won 5,000 won 20,000 won 30,000 won
$5 $5 $18 $25
* Depending on the number of sets of ancestors you are liberating and blessing,
the workshop participation fees may increase. Please refer to the website
to calculate this accurately.

6. Registration deadline

A. Registration deadline: February 24 (Wed) - ENDED

7. Further inquiries

A. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177 (English)
B. FAX +82-31-584-5787
C. E-mail: cpintl2013@gmail.com (Ms. Christine Wong)

2021 True Parents Birthday Anniversary & Foundation Day Great Works Q&A

Q1: What is the distinction between attending in church and at home?

A1: 1 ) Attending in church
It is advisable for members to participate in the a ncestor liberation and blessing from their church. Members who have family members who are opposed to the liberation and blessing, members who have any ailments, spiritual problems or have difficulties connecting to the live broadcast via their computers or phones are strongly encouraged to attend from the church or church facility.
A1: 2) Attending from home
・ Pregnant sisters (abiding by corona regulations)
・ Members who have received the Hyojeong W on or have liberated and blessed their ancestors u p un til 430 gene rations CheonBo Families can attend from home.
・ Members that are unable to attend church because of physical difficulties or due to the pandemic situation , but that are able to connect to the live broadcast can attend from home. (Even though a perso n with physical restrictions or a young child does not physically hit the body when spirits are being removed in the chanyang session, the spirits will be taken out.)
※ The church leader should decide based on the current Covid 19 guidelines in each nation.

Q2: What is the difference in the special grace received when one attends from home or at a church?

A2: When members attend at church, they can participate in the chanyang and physically hit the body. (This is beneficial for members who have no physical ailments)
When members attend from home, they can only clap during the chanyang session. (This is because members may be unaware of how to physically hit the body correctly, and this can cause a problem if done incorrectly). Members who would like to participate fully in the chanyang session are advised to attend at their church.
※ Even though members participate by clapping, they can receive the same grace for the removal of spirits. M embers can also hit the external parts of their bodies and by doing so assist healing in that area.
※ Ninety percent of our ailments are caused spiritually therefore members who have been unable to go or attend church until now will be able to resolve these issues through participating in the removal of spirits in the chanyang session

Q3: Other than at the church or at home, are members allowed to participate in rented facilities or somewhere outdoors, for example after their work schedule?

A3: Members are only allowed to participate at a church or church facility, at their home or in their dormitory. We cannot permit members to participate from a rented property or outdoors.

Q4: What should members do who would like to attend but are either in a nursing home or due to their work schedule are unable to attend do?

A4: For members who are unable to attend, their church leaders can attend the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremonies on their behalf. For members who will be participating physically, they cannot be registered as special grace by proxy. Only those who are unable to attend can register their a ncestor liberation, Blessing and collateral liberations by proxy as a special grace.

Q5: Is there separate grace for each home?

A5: There is no difference in the special grace received during the Great Works. However, for homes that have the Hyojeong Won, during the ancestor liberation and Blessing, members in the home may feel a change in the atmosphere as the possibility of evil or resentful spirits causing disturbances cannot be ruled out.

Q6: What preparations are needed for the Great Works?

A6: Members are encouraged to offer the Hyojeong Offering Paper beforehand. Those attending from home should offer their Hyojeong Offering Papers in advance before attending the Great Works.

Q7: What attire should be worn during the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremonies?

A7: During the Ancestor Liberation chanyang session, members are to wear white t-shirts. For the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, members are advised to prepare the same way as they would when attending at the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center (Holy Robe, Blessing ring). Members who will be attending from home should also prepare the same attire.
※ During the ancestor blessing ceremony, when members attend in clothing other than Holy Robes, their ancestors can feel left out.

Q8: Will attend ing these events in the future be the same as this time?

A8: Annually we have 4 Great Works and only during th ese occasions do we have the special spiritual grace.

Q9: Can non-members attend? For example, if a member attends from home and they have a family member who isn’t a church member, can this person attend?

A9: Whether members are attending from church or home, non-members are not allowed to participate.

Q10: For members who will be attending from home, is there any advice or some thing to prepare?

A10: For members who will be participating from home, follow the local Covid-19 regulations and guidelines given by the church, and observe soundproofing measures. Prepare True Parents’ official p ortrait and participate in the room where the Hyojeong Won is located.
※ Homes that do not have the Hyojeong Won are encouraged to offer the Hyojeong Offering Paper before participating in the Great Works.

Q11: During the Great Works at the HJ Heaven and Earth Training Center, I heard that absolute good spirits are totally mobilized, in this case, as the number of participating locations increases will the grace of the cooperation of absolute good spirits be dispersed In addition, the Great Works will be held on 2 days, is the special grace different each day? On the 2nd day, the event will only be held for Japanese members which means that there will be fewer participants. Does this mean that the special grace on this day will be greater?

A11: The absolute good spirits are totally mobilized during the chanyang session. Currently the number of absolute good spirits is greater than before and as a result during the Great Works members receive immense grace; however the grace received on either day is the same.

Q12: During the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremony, if the video stops or the live broadcast is disconnected, will the ancestor liberation and B lessing still take place?

A12: Yes, the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing will be accomplished. However, with regard to the removal of spirits during the chanyang session, members may not receive that grace if they are unable able to view the video and participate.

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