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July Schecule

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작성일2021-07-13 Hit3,948


  May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.


  In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 1-Day Workshop for May will be held on July 24 (Saturday) only via live online broadcast.
  For members living outside of Korea and Japan, even if they cannot attend a workshop, the grace of Ancestor Liberation and Blessing is the same if they simply submit an application (and offer the appropriate donation) on time. There is no change in the registration procedure. International members may continue to apply for Ancestor Liberation and Blessing via airmail or email. We seek your sincere understanding.
  Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop and Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony will be held during this July workshop. For the holy wine ceremony, please prepare it to be held in your church on the day of workshop.


  Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.


1. Workshop schedule
* Time is in Korean time (GMT +9) and please note the time difference for your nation and attend at the appropriate time.
Workshop PeriodNote
4th week of JulyJuly 24 (Sat)
13:10 ~ 17:30
Part 1: Ancestor Liberation
Part 2: Spirit World and Physical
World Matching Workshop
Physical World Blessed Family
Part 3: Ancestor Blessing
Spirit World and Physical 
World Blessing Ceremony
1~210 generations: Automatic liberation of 211~430 Generations
will be applied if liberation is completed up to 210 Generations.
211~430 generations: Members who have completed liberation
up to 210 generations can apply by paying the
$25 workshop registration fee.
However, all back payments should be paid first.
1~210 generations: It is possible to bless any set of 7 generations
of ancestors 100 days or more after their liberation.
211~430 generations: It is possible to bless any set of 7 generations
100 days or more after their liberation
40-Day Workshop
Postponed until further notice
* Members may participate only on church facilities. (You cannot participate from home.)
* Each country should abide by its government’s COVID-19 preventive measure guidelines.


2. Workshop Participation

A. Method: Physical participation in the public church facility.
(No personal or private video broadcast attendance).
B. July 24 (Sat) workshop: Each church should watch the event via Vimeo. 
C. Sharing or recording the event is not permitted.
D. Video access cannot be provided for family members who do not attend at their church.


3. Ancestor Liberation and Blessing

A. For the ancestor liberation, please offer a 21-day condition of devotion (breakfast fast or 50 bows), regardless of the number of generations you are liberating.
B. Ancestors who have become absolute good spirits will go to their descendant’s home 40 days after the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony. It is appropriate to conduct a simple welcoming ceremony for them.
C. International members can continue to apply for Ancestor Liberation and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony via email or by letter from their countries. More information can be found on the training center’s website


4.Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony

A. Eligible Participants

1) Members who participated in the ‘Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop’ held in HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center and 100 days have passed since their participation. 

2) Couples who have received the blessing on earth but have yet to do the 3-day ceremony can skip this step.

B. Materials to Prepare

1) Blessing Ring and Holy Robes


Blessing Ring

Holy Robes

Registration Fee

Participating in person

1 for yourself

1 for yourself

$25 or 30,000won

Representative Participation

(Photograph of the person that you are representing, 10x8cm or larger)

One for the representative

One for the representative

USD$25 or 30,000won each for the person receiving the Blessing and for the representative

a) The environment for the spirits who are receiving the Spirit World and Physical World Blessing became one with earth from April 2015, so it is now possible to conduct the Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony without the holy robes or blessing ring for the spiritual spouse.

b) If you would like to order holy robes, please send an email to cssbj@cheongshim.com

2) Blessing Fund: This is according to your country standard:

           Group 1 : $210/ Group 2 : $150/ Group 3 : $100/ Group 4 : $50/ Group 5 : $12


C. Points to Consider

1) Members or representatives for the Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony must attend the workshop at the church or a church facility. Please inform the church leader to prepare the holy wine. 

2) Additional registration fee for the representative (USD$25 or 30,000won) will be required.


3)Holy Wine Ceremony 

a) If you are attending in person: You drink one-half of the holy wine and the spirit spouse will drink the other half. 

b)If a representative will be attending: The representative must put the holy wine on their finger and then place it on the photo of the earthly person. After this is done, then the spirit will drink the rest of the holy wine. However, this is conditional, so after the Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony, you must receive the holy wine from the staff on the stage and take it to the earthly person so they can drink it in person.

c) If circumstances prevent the person needing to attend the workshop from actually participating due to sickness or old age, a representative such as direct descendants, spiritual parent or child, church leader, etc. can attend in his or her behalf together with the photograph of the earthly person. A representative can be representing only one person. (It is not possible for one person to represent more than one person at the same time).

d) It is possible to apply for Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony at the same time.

5. The workshop scheduled on July 24 will be conducted by HJ CheonBo Training Center staff members. International and Japanese members, including students residing in Korea, are respectfully asked not to attend.


6. All donations sent either via bank wire transfer or by check should arrive by July 16, 2021 as this is the deadline for registration.


7. Members can receive a ‘Certificate of Completion of 430 Generations in 8 Lines’ by applying through the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center website using the account under which they have registered.


8. Further inquiries

A. Contact person: Mr. Ryuichi Kishimoto
B. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177 
C. FAX +82-31-584-5787

     D. E-mail: cpintl2013@gmail.com

      E. Website: https://en.hjcbt.org