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Workshop Schedule

249th & 151st Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Workshop

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작성일2022-11-12 Hit4,527


249th & 151st Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Workshop

Information Concerning the 249th Hyojeong CheonBo
40-day Special Workshop and the 151st Hyojeong CheonBo
40-day Special Workshop for Blessed Wives

May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.

We would like to announce that the “Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Special Workshops” that was suspended due to COVID-19 since 2020 will be resumed.
The 249th Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Special Workshop and the 151st Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Special Workshop for Blessed Wives that will be conducted under the grace of CheonBo Works under the direct dominion of True Parents and the works of the Holy Spirit will be held as outlined below. We hope many members will be able to participate.

Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea and Japan.

1. Schedule for the 249th Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Special Workshop and the 151st Hyojeong CheonBo 40-day Special Workshop for Blessed Wives
Time Period: November 19 (Saturday) – December 28, 2022 (Wednesday)

2. Participants:
A. Members who are in elementary school 6th grade and above, who can follow the workshop schedule on their own.
B. Middle school, high school and university students can split the workshop into three 14-day workshops or two 21-day workshops.
C. It is also possible for general members to split the workshop into two 21-day workshops if it is difficult to attend continuously for 40 days.
D. Pregnant women are not permitted to attend this workshop.

3. Workshop registration:
A. Reservation time: November 1st, 2022 - November 19th, 2022
B. Make an account on our website and preregister for the workshop (https://en.hjcbt.org)
4. Workshop Fee:
A. General 40-days, Blessed Wives 40-days: 700,000 won
1) 10% of the workshop fee will be discounted if two or more siblings in middle school, high school, or university register for a 40-day workshop together: 630,000 won per person
2) The discount will be applied when you and your sibling register within one week.
3) 10% discount for middle, high school and university students attending from the same church community
B. 14-day Workshop for students: 250,000won (There is no discount for siblings)
C. 21-day Workshop for students and general members: 350,000won (There is no discount for siblings)

5. Things to Prepare:
A. A. Hoondok Materials: Exposition of the Divine Principle (3 color version), True Mother’s autobiography, ChamBumo Gyeong (you can purchase an abridged version of the ChamBumo Gyeong for 7,000 won at the international office.)
B. Clothes and attire: white t-shirts (three or more), pants that don’t release dust (for chanyang sessions), comfortable shoes (for Holy Ground prayer, outdoor activities and dedication), Holy Robes and Blessing ring (for those who will participate in the ancestor blessing ceremony), a set of dress clothes (for Cheon Jeong Gung pilgrimage, Sunday service, graduation ceremony, etc.) and some warm clothing
C. Personal belongings: FM radio, shoe bag, umbrella, toiletries, personal towel, personal medication, personal cup, medical insurance (see below for details)

6. Points to Consider:
A. It is good to participate in the evening Chanyang session, but if you come late due to unavoidable reasons such as flight arrival time, that day can be counted as your first day of the workshop if you participate in Cheonshim Won prayer at 19:10.
B. If you cannot start the workshop on the first day, you can attend the workshop for 40 days from the day that you begin your participation.
C. Please preregister on our website before coming to Korea (Late admissions for the workshop can be accepted until 7 days.).
D. Members who are psychologically or spiritually challenged must first consult with the training center staff (+82-31-589-7177). If permission is granted, he or she may register only if accompanied by a caregiver. Please keep in mind that if permission is not granted, or if a caregiver does not come, the member may be asked to return home (The HJ Magnolia International Medical Center psychiatric ward closed down some years ago. However, members can receive treatment as an out-patient.).
E. Medical Insurance for Traveling Abroad (Traveler’s Insurance)
1) Even if you obtain a traveler’s insurance, you will be asked to pay the hospital fee first, and then be reimbursed later. Please prepare extra cash for emergency medical expenses.
2) Please check all details with the insurance company to ensure your insurance policy is valid in South Korea.
F. Members coming to Korea from abroad must obtain a 90-day visa before coming to the workshop. The Training Center cannot acquire or extend visas for you. If your visa expires while you are still in Ko rea, the immigration office will fine you and your name will be placed on a blacklist. If you need an invitation letter in order to obtain a visa please contact cheongpyeongvisa@gmail.com for further assistance.
G. During 40-day workshop, the use of cellular phones and other electronic equipment is not permitted.
H. If you have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 (high fever, cold, etc.), you cannot apply for the workshop, and if you are infected with COVID-19 during the workshop, you will be quarantined.

7. Main Program:
Time Contents Details
06:30 Wake up Rise and Wash up
07:00 - 07:40 Hoondokhae Pledge and Hoondokhae of True Mother’s autobiography
08:00 - 08:40 Breakfast Breakfast / Holy Ground Prayer
08:50 - 09:30 Chanyang
Removal of evil spirits
10:00 - 12:20 Morning
(Part1, 2)
True Parents’
Life Course
CheonBo Lecture
Chanyang Lecture
Life of Faith
Faith Guidance
12:20 - 14:30 Lunch / Self-Reflection
14:30 - 16:50 Afternoon
of Heart
Cheon Jeong
Gung Museum
True Love Meditation
16:50 - 17:30 Self-Reflection / Shower
17:30 - 18:00 Dinner
18:20 - 19:00 Chanyang
Removal of evil spirits
19:10 - 19:30 Prayer Cheonshim Won (Prayer Hall) Prayer
20:00 - 20:30 Hoondokhae Mother’s Autobiography / DP 12-Hour Diagramed
20:30 - 21:00 Reflection Reflection
21:00 - 21:30 Self-
22:00 - 06:30 Sleep / Vigil Sleep / Vigil (22:00 – 01:00)
* Schedule might change

8. Further inquiries:
A. Contact person: Mr. Ryuichi Kishimoto
B. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177
C. FAX +82-31-584-5787