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Workshop Schedule

December Schedule

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December Schedule
May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.

The 1-Day Workshop for December will be held on December 17 (Saturday) via live online broadcast.
For members living outside of Korea, Japan and Taiwan, even if they cannot attend a workshop, the grace of Ancestor Liberation and Blessing is the same if they simply submit an application (and offer the appropriate donation) on time. There is no change in the registration procedure. International members may continue to apply for Ancestor Liberation and Blessing via airmail, email, or website. We seek your sincere understanding.
Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop will be held during this December workshop.

Please note that this official memo is intended for members living outside of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

1. Workshop schedule
* The time will be in Korean time (GMT +9) so please note the time difference for your nation and attend accordingly.
Workshop Period Note
3rd week of
December 17 (Sat)
13:00 ~ 17:00
Preopening event: Performances, Testimonies
Part 1: Lecture, Ancestor Liberation,
Cheonshim Won Unison Prayer,
Spirit World, Physical World Matching Workshop
Part 2: Ancestor Blessing Ceremony
1~210 generations: Automatic liberation of 211~430 Generations
will be applied if liberation is completed up to 210 Generations.
211~430 generations: Members who have completed liberation
up to 210 generations can apply by paying the workshop registration fee.
However, all back payments should be paid first.
1~210 generations: It is possible to bless any set of 7 generations
of ancestors 100 days or more after their liberation.
211~430 generations: It is possible to bless any set of 7 generations
100 days or more after their liberation
249th General 40-Day Workshop (151st Blessed Wives 40-Day Workshop)
November 19 (Saturday) – December 28, 2022 (Wednesday)
* Each country should abide by its government’s COVID-19 preventive measure guidelines.
* Schedule might change.

2. Workshop Attendance Locations

During this workshop, members can participate from their church, church facility, or from their homes. However, participation from home is only allowed during this corona lockdown period.

A. Attendance from a church or church facility
1) The following members should attend from a church or church facility.
a) Members experiencing internet or Wi-Fi issues
b) Members who, due to various difficulties, are unable to view the live broadcast at home (For example; home environment or lack of support from family members).
c) Members with spiritual issues (so that he or she can be safer in the church environment)
B. Attendance from blessed families’ homes
1) In the family, those attending can clap and pat their own body to separate spirits from it during the Chanyang session but it should not be done unto other individuals.
2) Items to prepare at home:
a) True Parents’ official portrait picture
b) Hyojeong Won (Recommended)
c) Holy Robes (Recommended for members participating in the Ancestor Blessing)

3. Workshop Participation

A. Method: Password and link is sent via official memo or contact international team.
B. Sharing or recording the event is not permitted.

4. Ancestor Liberation and Blessing

A. For the ancestor liberation, please offer a 21-day condition of devotion (breakfast fast or 50 bows), regardless of the number of generations you are liberating.
B. Ancestors who have become absolute good spirits will go to their descendant’s home 40 days after the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony. It is appropriate to conduct a simple welcoming ceremony for them.
C. International members can continue to apply for Ancestor Liberation and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony via email, letter, or website account from their countries. More information can be found on the training center’s website.

5. Spirit World, Physical World Matching Workshop

A. Age Standard: 60 years and above. If you are unable to participate due to illness or old age, direct descendants, spiritual parents or children, or the person in charge may participate with a photo of the participant on earth. However, one representative can only represent one person. (One person cannot act as a multiple representative.)
※ If you have a serious ailment and are in a difficult position to even stand up, then for special circumstances where it is difficult to receive the blessing on earth, you may ask for permission from the Blessed Family Department to apply for the Spirit World and Physical World blessing at the age of 48 and above.
※ If you or one of your family members have a serious disability (physically/mentally) and you or they sincerely wish to receive the blessing, then you may ask for permission from the Blessed Family Department to apply for the Spirit World and Physical World blessing under the age of 48 as well.
B. Eligible Participants
1) If you have received the single blessing and have received a benediction prayer from a church pastor (If you wish to be blessed with your deceased spouse, or if you are in the complicated situation of having been single all your life or was divorced and are unable to receive the blessing with a physical person, you can receive the ‘single blessing.’).
2) If your blessing was officially broken and are in the complicated situation of being unable to receive the blessing with a physical person (This only applies if you do not have any blessed children or children that received or would receive the blessing.)
3) If the couple received the blessing on earth but the spouse passed away during the separation period before they could do the 3 day ceremony. (In this situation 140 days after the matching workshop, they may participate in the Starting Family Workshop. In this case they will not be a Spirit World Physical World blessed couple but a pre-married blessed couple)
C. Level of Faith
The person must be willing to participate in the 3 day ceremony with the spiritual spouse after receiving the Spirit World and Physical World Blessing. Also, they must have the basic understanding of our church faith (Sunday Service, life style, prayer life, etc) The level of faith must be determined and approved by the responsible pastor of your church.
D. Liberation Donation
1) You must liberate the spirit of your intended spouse
- If you have already liberated your spouse in a past workshop, then you do not need to apply for their liberation again.
- Even if you offered a pre-cremation report, you still need to register for your spouse’s liberation.
2) If your descendent already liberated their Father line 1-7 with the full donation and your spouse was included in the first 7 generations at the time, then you do not need to apply for the liberation again. If your spouse passed away after your descendent completed liberating their 1-7 generations, then they need to have applied for “persons who passed away after registering for liberation” for the spirit of the spouse. However, if the descendent did not complete the liberation of 1-7 and has back payment, then you will need to liberate your spouse separately with the full liberation donation of a collateral. (In this case the donation will not be counted in the descendant’s back payment for their 1-7 generations.)
3) Even if you are not getting blessed to a spouse that you were married to before, you will need to liberate the spirit of the spouse with the full collateral donation.
4) If you had more than one spouse that passed away, it is best if you can liberate all of them.
E. Preparation: If a representative is participating in your stead, please prepare a photo of the person on earth (The size should be large enough to see the face of the person). You do not need a picture of the deceased spouse.

6. All donations sent either via bank wire transfer or by check should arrive by December 7, 2022 as this is the deadline for registration.

7. Members can receive a ‘Certificate of Completion of 430 Generations in 8 Lines’ by applying through the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center website using the account under which they have registered.

8. Further inquiries

A. Contact person: Mr. Ryuichi Kishimoto
B. Telephone: +82-31-589-7177
C. FAX +82-31-584-5787