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The Holy Ground of All Humankind, HyoJeong Café

“It will be a Holy Ground for the world. People from all over the world must come.”

(True Parents’ address at the Dedication Ceremony of HyoJeong Café, September 9, 2017)

HyoJeong Café is a Holy Ground that allows visitors to become ‘global citizens’ by experiencing Korean, Japanese and European culture and then coming up to the observatory to learn True Parents’ heart of love towards the world.

• 4F Restaurant

Preparing to open in February 2019
As you ascend to the observation deck on the 4th fl., you will notice the fishing poles displayed around the pillar near the entrance. These are the fishing poles that True Parents actually used. Next to the fishing poles, on a stainless steel plate, is the description of the relationship between True Parents’ ocean providence and the HyoJeong Café. And next to it are photograph exhibitions of True Parents’ memories related to Cheonshim Lake. By reading the explanation below, one can get a deeper understanding of the historical background of HyoJeong Café.

At the observatory, you can look at the Cheonshim Lake from the highest point of HyoJeong Café. On the opposite side stands Seonin Peak, and a little to the right stands Cheonsa Jang (islet). In the early days of Cheongpyeong Holy Ground, True Parents said, “I wish there was an island over there.” One day, heavy rain flooded the area and a shore appeared after the water dried up. Next to Cheonsajang Shore stands the country cottage Cheonyu Jang which is now used as a student training center by Cheongpyeong Training Center during the summers. There are two places where True Parents spent most of their time setting fishing conditions along Cheonshim Lake. One place was under Seonin Peak and the other was between Cheonsa Jang and Cheonyu Jang. Overlooking Cheonshim Lake from the observatory, one can feel True Parents’ heart as they prepared for the world providence by setting up fishing conditions.
The 4th fl. also has the HyoJeong Room that can be reserved. It can hold up to 15 people and carries an 84-inch large LED monitor. Using this venue for church related seminars as well as Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities will have greater synergy effects through the beautiful background of Cheonshim Lake.

• 3rd fl. Café Kona Queens
• Open
1st day of the ‘2-day Workshop’: 09:00~20:30
2nd day of the ‘2-day Workshop’: 07:00~19:30
The average days : 09:00~19:30

※ Open Throughout The Year
Tel. +82-31-589-7518
Café Kona Queens is a place where you can experience European culture, the home of the coffee culture. True Parents also loved the coffee culture and it is a culture of true love where members from all over the world can have a drink and share a heart-to-heart interaction.
The origin of the Café goes back to the age of the Ottoman Empire (today as, Turkey). The first café was opened in Istanbul in 1611, it was called a Hane. The word Café may be traced to the Turkish word Hane. The French followed suit and opened the store called Café in Paris in 1654. Since then, cafés have become a culture in France. This culture also began to spread in Korea in the late 1980s and is now also part of the modern culture.
As you drink coffee overlooking Cheonshim Lake, you can resonate with the heart of True Parents who took short breaks with a cup of coffee during their fierce battles of the world providence centering on United States. The menu carries a variety of coffee, beverages, and cakes, including True Parents’ beloved Kona coffee.

• 2nd fl. Azalea Hyojeong Restaurant
• Open
1st day of the ‘2-day Workshop’: 11:30~15:00, 17:00~20:30
The average days : 11:30~15:00, 17:00~19:30

※ Regular Holidays: Sunday and Monday of 2nd and 4th week / Monday of the other weeks
Tel. +82-31-589-7515
If we look into the words of True Parents in the early days of Cheongpyeong Holy Ground, they spoke of a concept of cultural villages from each nation. Azalea Hyojeong Restaurant is a place where you can experience Japanese culture. In particular, True Parents cared for the many Japanese families living abroad in Korea to enjoy the taste of their home country. As we enjoy Japanese food while overlooking Cheonshim Lake, we can hear the comforting voice of True Parents saying, “Life abroad must be hard for you.” The menu carries 21 dishes largely divided into 5 types of Japanese food: ramen, donburi, tonkatsu, udon, and soba noodles. The base soups for the noodles such as ramen, udon, and soba are made through the Japanese native katsuobushi. Fried foods are characterized by their fresh crispness because they are fried once ordered. If you reserve in advance, you can also use private dining rooms that seats up to 8 people.

• 1st fl. Jaemi In Shop
• Open
1st day of the ‘2-day Workshop’: 08:30~22:00
2nd day of the ‘2-day Workshop’: 07:00~19:00
The average days : 08:30~19:00

※ Open Throughout The Year
Tel. +82-31-589-7401
‘Jaemi In Shop’ which is a convenience store, is a place where members who visit Korea for the pilgrimage of HyoJeong Cheonwon Cheongpyeong Holy Ground are able to purchase special souvenirs of Korea. The name, ‘Jaemi In Shop’ was given by True Parents which means a ‘fashionable and exciting’ space that provides ‘convenience and fun (jaemi).’ In Jaemi In Shop, you can shop while overlooking the Cheonshim Lake. Because it is located closest to the water surface, you can almost feel the water and experience the atmosphere of True Parents fishing in the early days. Products sold at the Jaemi In Shop feel like a gift from True Parents to members from all over the world who visit the HyoJeong Cheonwon Cheongpyeong Holy Ground.