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Chinhwa Education Building B was built as a place that will carry the role for leading the Victory for Vision 2020; a place for special education to support in completing the mission of heavenly Tribal Messiahship

True Parents' benediction at the Dedication Ceremony

"Our Heavenly Parent,
Please enable the many people that come here to realize the truth about the providence, and in accordance to the direction of their original minds, to accept True Parents’ teachings and thereby become proud people that spread True Parents’ true love movement to the society, nation and world.

Father, please embrace all those people that come here and guide them to follow the direction of their original minds; Please open their hearts so that they may all move in the direction of advancing the day when the free, peaceful and unified world –the day when one world under God is realized, a world which You have pursued and hoped for, one which humanity has yearned for until now. I sincerely pray for this in True Parents’ name. Aju.” (February 18th, 2015)
Floor Guide
  • Small Hall : 4room
    · A, B, C, D
    · 30 people each

  • [Small Hall 1]

  • [Small Hall 2]
  • 36 Rooms(2 per person)
    28 Bed Rooms
    8 Heated Floor

  • [Bed Room 1]

  • [Bed Room 2]
  • 10 Rooms(Group Room)
    · 15 ~ 30 people
    · Seminar Room / Cafe

  • [Room]

  • [Seminar Room]
  • Auditorium :3 Rooms
    · A : 180 people
    · B : 120 people
    · C : 80 people

  • [Auditorium (A)]

  • [Auditorium (B)]
  • Main Hall
    · 540 people
    · Office

  • [Main Hall 1]

  • [Main Hall 2]
  • Dining Room
    · Dining Room(192 seat)
    · VIP Dining Room(44 seat)

  • [Dining Room]

  • [VIP Dining Room]

Guidelines for using Chinhwa Building B

It is possible to use Chinhwa Building B in the following cases:

1. To hold a workshop (Divine Principle Workshops for Ambassadors for Peace, Blessing Candidate Workshops, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshops, etc.)"

2. To attend a workshop being held in Cinhwa Building B

*Please know that it is not possible to stay individually or as a family, just as accommodation during yout stay in the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center.

*For more information, please contact +82-31-589-7201 (09:00 ~ 17:30)