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CheonBo Lecturers

Branch Training Center

  • Seong-nam Kim

    President of Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center


  • Jin-hwa Chung

    President of Heavenly Africa Branch Training Center



  • In-pyo Moon

    President of Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Branch Training Center



  • In-cheon Kim

    President of Heavenly Asia-Pacific Branch Training Center



Lecturer of HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center

  • Dr. In-Sung Moon

    Director of the International Workshop Department

    Responsibilities: Chanyang, Lecture, Supporting Providence of the Branch Training Centers, Creating a culture in the International Workshop Department in which all staff are one family


  • Kishimoto Ryuichi

    International Workshop Department Team Leader

    Responsibilities: Hosting 40-day Workshops and giving lectures


  • Beom-seok Lee

    Director of Japanese Workshop Department



  • Toshiaki Yokoi

    Team Leader of Japanese Workshop Team

    Responsibilities: Divine Principal lectures, Life lessons and counseling for Japanese members, organizing and hosting workshops, other work associated with FFWPU Japan


  • Takemori Fukatsu

    Japanese Workshop Team Lecturer

    Responsibility: 40-day Workshop and Japanese Hoondok Team


  • Seiji Takagi

    Japanese Workshop Team Lecturer

    Responsibilities: Divine Principle lecture, Life guidance lectures and consultation for Japanese members, Organizing and leading workshops, and other work associated with FFWPU Japan


  • Woon-seong Yang

    Director of the Korean Workshop Department



  • Myeong-ok Kim

    Korean Team lecturer

    Responsibilities: Family relationship training, Church tradition training, pregnant blessed wives’ training, personal and group counseling (Korean members)